Dior At The ROM

 Let's begin 2018 inspired by beauty and style. Toronto is lucky to have one of the Christian Dior exhibits to celebrate their 70 years in fashion at the Royal Ontario Museum,  Dior: The End Of A War The world was just devastated and destroyed by World War II, but Christian Dior persevered and presented his style and the beauty of haute couture fashion to the world. Many wealthy families from all over the world followed Dior including Canadians. The Dior clothes presented at the ROM were donated by wealthy Canadians from Toronto and Montréal. The clothes showed the history of Dior and the personal history of the clients who wore them: for a debutante, to celebrate an engagement then a wedding, attending a high society party in Toronto or having their bar mitzvah. My first introduction to Dior was through my father. When we were living in Manila, Philippines, he used to bring us to Rustan's, the country's luxury Department Store to buy his Dior clothes, sunglasses and the eau savage after shave cologne. My father was very stylish and through him, my brothers and I learnt about luxury designers and style. Christian Dior's style and influence in fashion will endure forever as his clients have stories to tell through his clothes and accessories. 
Christian Dior was first sold in Canada through Holt Renfrew in 1957.
As for my mother, she used to dress me in young girl's dresses like above made with lace, eyelet and crepe. The trio of elegant dresses above shows the transition from girl, to lady and a woman (bride dress behind), many Dior clients remained loyal throughout their lifetime. 
 "The world is wonderfully full of beautiful women whose shapes and tastes offer an inexhaustible diversity. My collection must cater to each one of them."
- Christian Dior, 1956

Dior Exhibit at The ROM runs from November 25, 2017 to March 18, 2018.

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  3. You started the year in full elegance Pamela, its a dreamy exhibit, wish I was there to visit it! xo


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