Santuario De Fatima: Centennial Of The Apparitions

 One of the reasons we visited Portugal this year is the 100th Year of the Apparitions of Mother Mary to the three children of Fatima in Portugal. The three children were Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia who were so young, playing innocently in the fields when the Mother Mary appeared to them from 13 May 1917 to 13 October 1917. Through visions, Mother Mary showed them heaven, hell and several secrets on what will happen to the World and mankind. Three of those secrets were actually fulfilled with World War I from 28 July 1914 to 11 November 1918, World War II  from 1939 to 1945 and the attempted assassination of Saint Pope John Paul II at the Vatican. The bullet that hit the Pope was offered by him to the Mother Mary and now rest in her crown at the Santuario. I am sharing this today on the 11 November, Remembrance Day/Armistice Day here in Canada as we remember the sacrifices of our war heroes and those who died.  Our Lady is still asking us up to now to keep on praying for World Peace. 
The original Shrine where Our Lady appeared to the 3 children. 
Saint Pope John Paul II attempted assassination bullet rest in Her crown here. 
The Sisters of Mercy praying with the people. 
Tombs of Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia
Never quit the rosary.
- Pope Francis

Tensions between great powers persists...Peace is a central subject of the message. By asking us to pray the rosary every day for peace, Our Lady wants to unchain, through prayer a general mobilization that leads to an active commitment for peace. 
- Bishop of Leira-Fatima

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  1. Id like to visit it one day..such an amazing experience. Happy weekend Pamela xo

  2. I have always found this place so fascinating and suggestive, I will visit it someday!
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