Chanel's Fall-Winter Collection: Travel Diary

 The Fall Season is almost here as we can feel the chill coming in day after day. Chanel has released their 2017 Fall-Winter make up collection inspired by the Travel Diary of Chanel's make-up Creative Director, Lucia Pica's road trip  along  California's coast. We can see from the quadra eye make-up Road Movie the colour of the sea, the sand, the rocks and the reflection of the sun on the water and the sand. The orange and red lipsticks were inspired by the city lights of California. The new product this season is the Palette Essentialle which was inspired by the colours of the dry grasslands of the California mountains. This products is a three in one palette that offers a concealer, highlighter, a blusher. Chanel also introduced a new duo brush perfect to use for the eyeshadow and the new Palette Essentialle called the Pinceau Duo Correcteur Retractable in black with white soft brush for application around the skin. Their nail colours are also fantastic offering in light colours of sand and light green. This is a fabulous collection to discover for Fall. 
Watch here the Tutorial #1  Fall Collection for more intense. 
Watch here the Tutorial #2  Fall Collection for more subtle. 

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  1. Hello Pamela, the collection is just beautiful! Love the shades, perfect for fall. Now I want it! Happy weekend! xo

  2. I love the idea of all in one kit. You can't go wrong! Thanks for sharing. xoxo Cris
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  3. Wow... this fall collection is 2die4... I need it!
    Kisses, Paola.

  4. I really like this new collection, I will drop by a Chanel store and see if I can grab the palette!


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