Meeting Kevin Kwan At Indigo Bookstore

 I finally met Kevin Kwan, the author of the famous trilogy starting with his first book Crazy Rich Asians then followed by the China Rich Girlfriend and the most current book, Rich People Problems. Kevin was a guest to launch his latest book at Indigo Bookstore on Bloor St. He finally signed my books and we got to chat about his visit to Manila, Philippines which was in the book.  First of all, Kevin grew up in Singapore where the story is based. It is a story about the old rich families in Singapore that has branched out to Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand. It is a satirical story exposing the lifestyle and struggles of the old rich vs the new rich in Asia. I truly enjoyed his books because it reminded me of my childhood in Asia, although, it was in the Philippines, who also have the same struggles of the old rich vs the new rich families and the snobbery that carries with it. My favourite character in the book is Astrid, who is the fashionable one and keeps the family all together. Kevin's books are entertaining but at the same time show case Asia in a different light where there are super rich families that are super private while the new rich families are more show off. It shows the fantastic shopping and food places in Asia especially in Singapore. All three books are entertaining  and at the same time a story about Asian families which we normally do not see in the mainstream media. 

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  1. Must be very interesting to be there and you were very elegant Pamela! Happy weekend! xo

  2. Great experience, I would like to read his books!
    Kisses, Paola.

  3. Pam, I've heard about his books! I definitely have to get all 3. So AWESOME you got to meet him! This was nice :D

  4. I am very curious about these books, from what you say the saga is really interesting!


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