Happy Canada Day at 150

 Today, July 1st is Canada's 150th birthday. As we celebrate as a nation, reflecting on our achievements, what makes us great and on what will make us better, here are some items from Chapters-Indigo bookstore that showcase what Canada is all about. Canada was established as a nation in 1867 as a Constitutional Monarchy. Our head of state is Queen Elizabeth II and we have a parliamentary system of government. We love to spend our summers in the cottage by the lake, we celebrate our diversity, where our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said: we welcome the World to our country. We are polite, humble and friendly. Canada also has vast natural resources and vast land space that is uninhibited. We like to save the environment and this time will lead the World in Climate Change through the Paris Accord. It is time for Canadians to step up as the logo here says, The World Needs More Canada, Happy Birthday Canada!

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  1. Happy BDay Canada, one of my favorite and beloved place in the whole world! Your country is just beautiful Pamela, wish I was back soon! Enjoy your weekend! xo

  2. A lot of cool items, I would like to visit your lovely country!!!
    Love, Paola.

  3. Happy bday Canada!!! One of my fave places in the world!

  4. The world definitely needs more Canada! You guys are the sweetest. I'll have to visit one day.


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