From The Passover To The Last Supper

 One things I learnt when we visited Jerusalem is that all of the major religions are inter-related. No matter the conflicts, division, hate and misunderstandings between these religions, their histories, beliefs and practises intersect and are inter-related. One example is the disputed place of the Last Supper. According to the Latin Christians (Roman Catholics) and Orthodox Christians (Greek and Syrian Orthodox Churches), the real sight of the Last Supper was at St. Mark's house which is now known as St. Mark's Orthodox Monastery in Old Jerusalem. Then according to the Israelis, the real site for the Last Supper was at Mount Zion. We visited both places to learn about their stories. Of the two places, we felt the spiritual presence of the Holy Spirit at St. Mark's. It is really up to you which one you believe and which one touched your soul.
During our visit at St. Mark's we met this lady who is the guardian of the place. She was a teacher in Syria. Now she is living here in the Monastery. She shared with us the history of the place, the story of her life, her country and the story of the visitors that have passed by here just like we did. 
Chapel was designed in the Orthodox style on 79 A.D. 
Down stairs is the Last Supper room which was known as the Upper Room during Jesus' time. As you know, every thing below used to be street level over 2000 years ago. This room which is now below, could have been considered Upper Room over 2000 years ago.
 Above is the ancient sign in Jesus' language of Aramaic stating that this is a Holy Place. 

 Mount Zion. 
This room is what the Israelis consider as the Upper Room where the Last Supper of Jesus with his apostles was held. 
As you can see here the intersection of Christian history (Last Supper) with Islamic mosaics in the window and the Jewish menorah below. 
Jewish Menorah. 

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  1. Its breathtaking Pamela, I only imagine how it be to visit it from real. Kisses xo

  2. Great post Dear.

  3. Amazing pics, great experience!!!
    Kisses, Paola.

  4. Pam, I've really enjoyed these posts (especially appreciated since it's near Easter). So glorious! I can only imagine how you felt being there. Very HOLY location.


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