Women's March

Last weekend, 21 January, we, the people, made history. If you saw on your TV last Saturday, the Women's March happened all over the World from Rome, Paris, London, South Africa, in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Halifax, and especially around the United States, at Washington D.C., New York City, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, among other American cities. This was started by a group of women, who initially thought that they would march with only a couple of thousands of people but ended up with over 2 million people united worldwide. This was prompted by the shocking and surprising victory of Donald Trump in the November 2016 Presidential Election. This march was organised as a protest against Donald Trump's vicious campaign of division, racism, bigotry, misogyny and especially his sexism against women, which was proven by the release of video tape where he admitted to treat women with no respect by "grabbing them by the pussy." This outrage was shown by women, including men in this largest march in world history last Saturday. This is just the beginning. We hope to continue this fight as Women's Power is People's Power. As President Obama said during his farewell speech, Yes we can! Yes, we can defeat evil as long as we are united, love and accept one another. 
As for me, I joined the March last Saturday in Toronto's Queen's Park in the last minute. When I opened our TV after breakfast, I saw that there were large marches happening in Europe - Rome, Paris and London. I saw on TV what they were marching for - women's rights, human rights, love, equality, no to division, against racism, sexism, bigotry and misogyny especially against the current US President. I have been watching the vicious US Presidential Campaign since last year mostly on TV and on social media. So I thought in the last minute to attend to see and feel for myself what this opposition is all about? Is it real? Do people really dislike the current US President that much? 
To my surprise, as you can see from my photos, yes, many people dislike the current US President that much. That this is something much bigger. There were so many people in Toronto that Saturday morning walking towards Queen's Park to join the march. Men, Women, families with their children and even with their dogs attended. It was a very peaceful rally attended by over 60,000 Canadians from all walks of life deeply against this evil we have now. Marching for women's rights, human rights, building bridges, not walls, for love, tolerance and unity.  
I learnt so much from this experience as this was my first March here in Toronto. A man told me during the March: "People should just accept it. It's not gonna change anything. Just buy more US stocks in your investment."  I had to think carefully about my answer on this statement. 

I answered that I accept the current US President but it does not mean that I will agree with him. I do not agree with his policies of division, sexism, racism and hatred. Women's power is People's power. I told him, that I have the political, social and financial power to not agree and to say NO.  That is the reason Why I March.

During the rally, there were several speakers. One of the speakers started her speech by asking us to thank the person beside us for attending the march. This was truly a positive experience filled with gratitude, love and unity. 

As per the banner above, "never, ever lose your sense of outrage". I remember from a movie this line, "Never lose your sense of wonder."  I learnt that we fight with love and unity with a common purpose to defeat this man. Remember, our Women's Power is People's Power. 
Women's rights are Human rights. 
- Hillary Clinton
Without love, deeds, even the most brilliant, count as nothing. 
- St. Thesere of Lisieux

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  1. Well done, I share it as well! xo

  2. Great photos of this event, Pamela!

  3. Fantastic!! We need to keep fighting these injustices. We can overthrow these disgusting governments x

  4. Pam, I love that you walk the walk and talk the talk :D It was so awesome to see women's marches here in the US AND INTERNATIONALLY! It shows that the world is paying attention. It was SO SAD to hear his statement last night: "I didn't hear them". I couldn't believe he said that and didn't address the marchers. It amazes me how he ignores things as big as this! He doesn't care, which is unfortunate. If it doesn't fit in with his agenda, it doesn't matter.


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