It's A Wonderful World!

 Toronto during Christmas is just sparkling with Christmas decorations all over the City. One of the best Christmas decorations is here at the largest mall in the City, the Toronto Eaton Centre. This mall covers several blocks along Yonge St (the longest street in the World). Then for this Christmas, the Eaton Centre put up the tallest Christmas tree here in Canada. This tree stands tall at 108ft, taller than the Rockefeller Christmas Tree in New York City. It was truly magical and delightful to see it. The Christmas tree was unveiled last 24 November with the Choir singing Louis Armstrong's song, What A Wonderful World, which is a great song to start the New Year 2017! Remember that we live in a wonderful world, full of hope, love and joy. Recognising and accepting all of our differences. Let us not destroy our wonderful World. Let us see the beauty all around us, beauty in each other, let us take care of each other and our World. Happy New Year!
Watch here the unveiling of the Christmas tree and touching sing a long in Toronto of  Louis Armstrong's What A Wonderful World by Choir!Choir!Choir!

Wishing you all a wonderful and happy New Year!

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  1. Its so stunning, wish I was back in Toronto, such a beautiful city! Happy New Year Pamela, all the best in 2017! xo

  2. A really gorgeous and creative display! Happy New Year to you, dear Pamela! I wish you all the best in 2017, and always! :)

  3. Amazing!
    I wish you all the best darling!
    Happy New Year!
    Kisses, Paola.

  4. Wow the decirations are awesome! I love the raindeers! Happy new year!

  5. These are amazing, so beautiful!! Happy New Year lovely...I hope the Christmas season was magical for you!! Wish you lots of blessings and happiness in this new year!! xx

  6. Pam, it is absolutely spectacular! That tree is breathtaking and I love the deer. I love light! Thanks for sharing and wishing you the best in 2017. PS. Love your tweets on Twitter about Trump. You keep telling them girl!

  7. Almost surreal to think that I was there in August! Happy New Year dear Pamela!



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