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So excited that Chanel has a new Fall make up collection, the new Chanel Le Rouge designed by new Chanel cosmetics creative director, Lucia Pica. The collection's pillar is the colour red as interpreted by Lucia in different palettes and products. The collection shows the power of wearing red in the eyes, the cheeks, the nails and especially on the lips. I purchased the Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow above in Candeur et Experience which shows more natural earth tones colour in brown, beige and reddish brown. As you can see from the videos below, you can wear it more intense or combine the colours all together for a softer more natural look with a hint of colour. There are matching lipsticks and the powder blush in Joues Contraste gives a rose pink touch to the whole collection. I am excited and looking forward to wear this collection in the coming Fall. 

Check out the Chanel make-up tutorials below for the best make-up tips:
Chanel Le Rouge Make-Up Tutorial with Fiona.
Chanel Le Rouge Make-Up Tutorial with Jac Jagaciak.
For a lighter and subtle Make-Up Tutorial with Jac Jagaciak.

Put your red lipstick on an attack. 
-  Coco Chanel 
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  1. Its so gorgeous, need to check it out soon in the store, love Chanel makeup, especially lipsticks! xo

  2. Chanel make-up is one of the best!

  3. The packaging is so beautiful!

  4. This is an awesome collection, I really love it especially the blush!

  5. I love the red & brown combination! They have the best Fall collections. I still have the one from last year. LOL


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