Weekend In Naples

 We travelled to Naples, Italy as a short stop over to do some sightseeing around the city. I learnt that there are two different Naples, one is the old port city that discovered pizza, facing the Mediterranean Sea and the majestic volcano, Mount Vesuvius. My first impression is that the city is quite run down and old for me. The second Naples is driving up the winding hills to see the numerous resorts and access to its beaches. Which ever version of Naples we choose, we will definitely come back here again to learn more about its soul, character and famous pizza Margherita and Marinara.

Naples facing the Mediterranean Sea and Mount Vesuvius. 
Fresh seafood catch from the fishermen. 

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  1. Love this post:) Kisses

  2. Its a beautiful city where I wish I came back soon, the food there is simply the best ever! Happy weekend Pamela! xo

  3. Looks like a great time, Pamela! What gorgeous views! :)

  4. Naples used to be much better sum years ago, now the city looks shabby. It's a pity because I think it a beautiful city!

  5. When I visited Capri in April, I landed and took off from Naples. I agree with your general impression. It didn't look that welcoming to me.


  6. So interesting! I didn't know about the two sides of Naples. So glad you got to go.


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