Muskoka Eats

 One of the joys of Canadian summer is spending time at the Cottage up north, in beautiful Muskoka, two hours away north of Toronto.  We spent a week in a cottage at the Clevelands House Resort last week and we discovered some really good places to dine up north, in Muskoka. First, the food and drinks at Rock's On The Dock, located inside the  Clevelands House Resort were really delicious and well presented. Their menu offered wonderful appetisers like calamari, Canadian classics beef brisket poutine, pulled port poutine among others. I tried their fish and chips here which was a pretty generous size and really full of fish meat and their delicious French Dip made with roast beef sandwich and dipping gravy with fries. Both were really tasty and worth the try. We also tried to go out and eat out at the Turtle Jack's in Port Carling, located between Lake Muskoka and Lake Rousseau in Port Carling. The restaurant is near shops for some shopping. We tried their Chicken fajita which was also a generous size and delicious. One of the best things to drink in Muskoka is their beers from Muskoka Brewery one of the best in the country. My favourite is drinking their Cream Ale Muskoka beer. Both restaurants have views of the water and eating al fresco were just both perfect for summer!  
 French Dip sandwich from Rock's On The Docks.
Chicken Fajita with Muskoka Brewery Cream Ale from Turtle Jack's. 

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  1. Looks like the perfect place where eating in summer and the food seems very delish too! xo

  2. Delish food!

  3. The food looks delicious, Pamela!!! I love the views, too! I just saw on our local (Montreal) news this evening that Quebec City is the top tourist destination in Canada. Although I don't live in Quebec City, I do live in Quebec and was quite pleased to hear this! I hope you have a great week and that you are enjoying your summer. :)

  4. Definitely the perfect way to spend a summer day! :)


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