Gelato Tour In Rome

During my vacation my Rome I promised to myself that I will try different flavours of gelato instead of just eating my favourite flavours of pistachio and cappuccino. People have asked me which are the gelato places that I visited? I don't really remember because I just bought these gelato when I felt like it. Luckily, during that time in Rome, it was so hot so eating gelato almost everyday was a necessity  rather than a guilty pleasure. The different flavours that I tried were pistachio, cappuccino, cioccolato, fragola, limone, banana and hazelnut. The hazelnut flavour was recommended to me by one of my instagram friends as one of the best flavours to try. See, what the Instagram and the power of social media now have in our world. This summer is a heat wave that having an ice cream is such a rewarding pleasure to beat the summer heat. Believe it or not, last Sunday was even National Ice Cream Day! 

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  1. You made me want to have one right now Pamela, they look so delish! xo

  2. It looks like a wonderful experience!!! :)

  3. Ice cream in Italy is just the best! Glad that you took advantage of this sweet opportunities.

  4. Yes, please! Can't go to Italy without enjoy lots and lots of Gelato.
    PS - Love your Instagram photos, Pamela.


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