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 Beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder. How about when it comes to Pizza? Taste, they say is in the taste buds of the beholder? When I was in Rome last month, I was fortunate enough to try two of the best Pizza places in the city. As you know, there's pizza all around the Eternal City. For me, it comes down to these two places vying as the best pizza in Rome. As mentioned on my previous feature, Secret Food Tour In Rome, this part about pizza deserves it's own feature. They are both beautiful and delicious pizza but how does one judge which one is the best pizza? Let's give it a try. 
Many local residents in Rome will tell you that Pizzarium, located at Via della Meloria, steps away from the Cipro Metro Station (line A), is the best pizza in the Eternal City. I visited the place for lunch after I visited the Vatican City as Cipro is the next Metro station after Ottaviano/Musei Vaticani. The place is very down to earth, nothing showy but the Pizza they create inside is just magical, colourful and offered many different kinds. There are octopus, shrimp pizza among others. 
Pizza in Rome is served pizza al taglio, which means pizza by the slice and sold according to weight. In my opinion, it is  much better way to eat pizza rather getting a whole round pizza all for yourself, uno persona. You can order one slice per kind according to your own liking. 
At Pizzarium, I ordered my now favourite Roman pizza, zucchini flowers with cheese (top) and  tried the porchetta with glazed onions with some curry sauce underneath (front). As you can see, the pizza was cut into slices which is easier to eat and to share. The pizza was also freshly made with thin dough and many different toppings. 
Here is the zucchini flower pizza which tasted sweeter and savoury. The only thing it missed is the opposing tangy, salty taste of the anchovies that was offered in my pizza review below. 

From the Secret Food Tours, we visited the Forno Campo de Fiori right in front of the market Campo De Fiori in the centre of Rome. As you can see, this is a classic Roman pizza which is very thin, crispy dough topped with different kinds of toppings from tomato sauce, zucchini, ham, cheese, eggplant, among others. 
A classic Roman pizza is the White Pizza, commonly known as pizza bianca,  simply made with their classic thin and crispy dough topped with olive oil. 
A Roman pizza is made in one long rectangular piece rather than the pizza we know as one round pizza. 
My favourite pizza and in my opinion the best pizza in Rome is the zucchini flowers with anchovies which combined the thin, crispy pizza dough with the sweetness of the zucchini flowers and the saltiness of the anchovies. Just the perfect tasty, delicious and most memorable combination. 
Then I tried the porcini mushrooms with buffala mozzarella cheese. This tasted sweeter and so tasty. 

Forno Campo De Fiori is for me the best pizza in Rome because of the thin crispy dough with savoury toppings like zucchini flowers and anchovies and its central location beside the Campo De Fiori which can be easily reached by foot from Piazza Navona. 

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  1. It really does look good, Pamela! Wow! :)

  2. Mmm, luckily I just had a snack because Id be so very hungry! Yummy, both places look very good and I cant really say which one inspire me most. Pizza al taglio (which we call both way of pizza u tried) is my kind! xo

  3. Forno Campo dè fiori, I live in Rome, I know it very well. it's really one of the best in town!
    love from

  4. What a delicious assortment to choose from! Looks yummy!


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