Follow Your Senses To The Marche

 We spent the Labour Day weekend in Montreal. Before reaching our final destination, we stopped by at the Marche Jean Talon to have lunch. When we visited there last year, we saw some people eating fried seafood that looked so delicious. On this visit, we vowed to look for it for our lunch. Since we have no idea where we will find it, we used our own senses looking for it. We knew we will find it soon because we just followed the smell  of cooking fried seafood all the way. Luckily, we found it on the other side of the market. It was a busy day that sunny and warm Saturday that I even forgot to take photos of the place. I don't even have the name of the place. We just know the location of this place that cooks fresh fried calamari and fried shrimps with lemon and tartar sauce. There is also fish n chips and any order could come with fries. As you can see from the photo above, the whole plate was full of fried calamari and fried shrimps. Just full of deliciousness. People passing by even stopped to asked us where we got them.  Our visit to the Marche was truly worth it after a long drive from Toronto.
Then I purchased the famous Quebec poutine made with fries topped with gravy and Quebec cheese curds to go along with our fried calamari and fried shrimps.
We discovered this fruit called Cerises de Terre which are actually yellow cherries in a leaf covering. You open it which looks a blooming flower and then you eat it. It was sweet. 
After lunch, we ate and purchased some of these peaches and kiwis. There are always a variety of fresh produce at the Marche Jean Talon. 

Bon Weekend!

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  1. Delicious food :)

  2. Pamela, Im watering! It must be worthy, Im drooling since I love fried seafood and here is almost dinner time. Oh poutine, I have tasted it when I was in Canada and I really love it, so tasty and delicious! Happy weekend! xo

  3. Dear Pamela, the food looks so good, and the fresh fruits are making me drool! :)

  4. I have been to Marche several times, the food is great and this restaurant looks like a real Marchisan restaurant!

  5. The food looks so delicious! I visited the Marche once; I think I might have told you this before.


  6. I would like to visit the Marche.... delicious food!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  7. I love seafood! Everything looked so good. Lovely fruit!

  8. The yellow cherry fruit looks and sounds interesting!

  9. Amazing foods, look so yummy :) xx


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