Summer At Antibes

 One of the influence of Instagram is that it opens a whole wide world of different places and people to see. This summer, I have been seeing so many photos on Instagram of people's vacations on the beach especially in the Mediterranean Sea. This reminded me of my vacation in the Cote D'Azur in the South of France several years ago. One of the cities we visited was Antibes which was founded by the Greeks in the 5th Century and was originally the ancient Greek trading post called Antipolis. From a Greek trading post in Ancient times, to presently the Billionaires playground from around the world, enjoying their summer in their multi-million Euros private villas and mega yachts. Antibes has the largest Marina in the Mediterranean Sea with over 2,000 private yachts anchored there. Besides summer fun at the sea, there is also the Musee Picasso where the artist lived at the Chateau Grimaldi and also the Old Town. Discovering Antibes offered a glimpse into the summer lifestyle of the rich and famous but can also be enjoyed by everyone by visiting the old town, the beaches and its art all over the town. 
 Chateau Grimaldi was originally the Castle of the Grimaldi family, the founding family of Monaco.
 La Feuille, bronze statue by artist Germaine Richier at the Musee Picasso, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.
 Old town Antibes.
 Fortress overlooking the largest Marina with over 2,000 private yachts anchored. 
 Private mega-yachts anchored in the Marina. 
 Nomade, 2010 by artist Jaume Plensa at Antibes Fort.
 Cap D'Antibes is on the most southern tip of land in the French Riviera. As we drove along the main Boulevard John F Kennedy, we passed by large Private Villas including the most luxurious Hotel du Cap Eden Roc. Our Guide advised us that the Hotel does not even accept credit cards. Only cash s'il vous plait. (Photo credit: Nicolas Ghesquiere Official Instagram)
Private villas in Antibes. 
 Sailing fun in the Cap D'Antibes.

Bon Weekend! 

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  1. Lovely city, I would like to visit it!!!
    Happy weekend Pam!
    xo Paola
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  2. It is such a beautiful place, Pamela! Your photos are gorgeous, thank you so much for sharing this lovely tour! I also love the photo of you! :)

  3. Im so speechless Pamela, what an amazing and luxurious city where spending the summertime! Wish I was there right now! Bon weekend, bisous! xo

  4. Lucky You!!!!! So beautiful.

  5. Wowww it's so close to italy and i have never been there, it's a lovely place!

  6. Have a great satrt of the week honey!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  7. What a lovely place!!!
    Great pics :)


  8. Can't believe that I live next to France and that I've seen so little of it! Great pics.


  9. Wow, what an amazing place! The views and the scenery! WOW!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  10. Gorgeous place and pictures! :)

  11. What a beautiful place Pam! Another one on my wish list.

    Happy week!

    Madelief x


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