Healthy Choices From St Jacobs Farmers Market

 A Saturday morning visit to the St Jacobs Farmers Market located at St Jacobs County in Waterloo, Ontario never disappoints as there is always a huge variety of healthy choices. There are a variety of fruits, vegetables and even meats and poultry products all grown organically from the Mennonite Farms in the surrounding area of the market. There are also free tasting from each merchants offering their products to try before you purchase them. Every Saturday morning, the market is full of visitors including their dogs. Visitors can eat their breakfast and lunch here as there are a variety of places offering their own specialities from Canadian Pizza, wraps, sausage on a bun even fried fish on a bun, and the famous apple fritters which always have a long line up. It's a good thing that the Mennonite farming community here were able to rebuilt after a devastating fire last year which destroyed this market place. Now they have rebuilt and expanded with new buildings to showcase and sell their amazing and delicious produce in their farmers market. 
 These grapes are amazing as they are seedless and so sweet.

 I always buy these freshly home made pasta. They are made from natural ingredients like eggs, wheat, kale, green peas, tomato, carrots, beet, parsley among others.  
 There is free tasting everywhere including these sausages, salamis and hams all organically grown in these Mennonites Farms around the area. 
 This is the Canadian Pizza made with pepperoni, mushrooms, sausage and ham freshly baked right at the market. 
 The pies here at Stone Crock Restaurant and Bakery are to die for from the chocolate pie, Pecan pie, apple pie, coconut cream pie and fresh cherry pies. My favourite is their pecan pie which is the best as it is made with maple syrup. 
We met the irresistible Samson, the bulldog. He was so friendly and enjoyed visiting the market.

Happy Fourth of July to all Americans!

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  1. The food looks so amazing! I would love to have the pizza and the desserts for lunch today.


  2. I can really see how fresh and good their stuff is, wanna go there too! Canada is the best country ever. Btw, the pizza is mouthwatering and the dog is very sweet! Happy weekend Pamela! xo

  3. Pamela, what a beautiful market! Everything looks so fresh, tantalizing and delicious! And Samson is adorable! :)

  4. This market is amazing!
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  5. Wonderful market :)

  6. This looks marvellous!! Happy new week to you doll xx

  7. What a beautiful market!!!
    Cute dog!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  8. I love Farmer's Markets. The options are so plentiful.

  9. Amazing! So much fresh produce and the pizzas look great


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