Celebrating Earth Day

As we celebrate Earth Day today, I am sharing some wonderful and captivating photos by Patrick Demachelier showcasing The Spirit of Travel by Louis Vuitton. The photos here shot in a beautiful beach with clear water, clear skies and of course the stylish clothes and leather accessories all from Louis Vuitton Spring 2015 Collection. As we celebrate Earth Day, we are reminded to travel the World to see and experience its beauty, love our planet by taking care of it and most of all making sure that our legacy to our children is to leave them with a cleaner, better and beautiful planet Earth. 

A modern voyage, always looking forward
There was a mountain, I climbed it.
There was a crossing, I took the open road
I felt the wind, the water, infinite sound, pure sky,
I could see it all.
The World,
Whoever lives sees, but whoever travel sees more.

The Spirit of Travel
Louis Vuitton

View video here.

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  1. Happy Earth Day to you Pamela! Love what you wrote and that quote, I agree! And you couldnt share better images to celebrate it, outstanding as the collection is!:) Kisses! xo

  2. Beautiful photos, dear Pamela! Happy Earth Day to you, my friend. :) Warm hugs.

  3. wow. I LOVE these photos. Perfect contrasting colors and that nature in the background. Magical

  4. Great photos; love the LV Alma bag, a classic!

  5. Gorgeous pictures. Earth day is so important, but we should be treating it that way every day :))) Have a gorgeous day my dear xx

  6. Very befitting Pamela! We all have a role to play. More needs to be done.

  7. Happy Earth Day Pamela!!!!
    This campaign is amazing!!!!!
    xo Paola
    My Facebook

  8. Pamela, love this post and the turquoise water (not to mention LV bag I'm coveting!) Hope you are having a wonderful spring. Love your new blog design! I'm finally back blogging again!
    xo Mary Jo


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