Chinoiserie at Laduree

During my visit to Paris last October, I made sure that I stopped for breakfast at Laduree on the Left Bank at Rue Bonaparte. It turned out that the decor on Laduree Rue Bonaparte was inspired by chinoiserie with palm trees, chinoiserie wall paper with animals print, red chinese borders, red and green leather seats. The whole place was like an elegant garden conservatory or salon. In the spirit of Chinese New Year on 19 February which celebrates the Green Wooden Sheep, the Chinoiserie decor at Laduree truly celebrates the elegant Eastern design elements right in Paris. 
 For Breakfast, I had the pain perdu with rose sauce and Chantilly cream with cafe creme and apricot juice.

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  1. Am definitely going here, your breakfast looks amazing, I could eat five plates of that, haha!! Perfect!! Happy day to you my lovely xx

  2. Ive just read from Rowena's blog it falls tmw, I honestly didnt know it. Laduree at Rue Bonaparte looks so elegant and classy Pamela, love how it decored and what you ordered looks really delicious, yummy!:) Happy Chinese New Year dear, happy celebrations! xo

  3. beautiful and delicious.
    what a good places
    I will go to Paris next month and I will use your guide post to go in Laduree
    Thank you Merci

  4. nice to do something for the chinese new year, i remember well the dates of the chinese holiday because i wanted to go on holiday during this period and all the flights are full
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  5. Entering a Laduree shop / restaurant is always like stepping into a dream. Their food is great and the macarons are irresistible!

  6. I love, love, love the decor!!!

  7. I tend to have macarons at Ladurée but must try the savoury dishes too sometime. A lovely post for Chinese New Year!

  8. Laduree! Isn't that just the most wonderful place?? Beautiful photos.

  9. I would love to eat at a Laduree location! Looks so fabulous! Going to read my horoscope and what to do with LOVE. hahaha

  10. I love Laduree..really wish we had one in Toronto!


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