Weekend At Place Saint Sulpice

 One of my favourite places to visit in Paris is the Place Saint Sulpice located along Rue Bonaparte in the 6th Arrondissement. Right on the Centre of the Plaza is the L'Eglise Saint Sulpice which was built in 1754. This place is a short walk from the Jardin de Luxembourg. The Place Saint Sulpice is surrounded by chic boutiques, cafes and Patisseries including Pierre Herme which is famous for its macarons, also rows of Bookstores and offices of Editors and Publishers. As you can see, Parisians can hang out here and just enjoy the view. When I visited the Church, there was a funeral service going on so I was not able to take as many photos as I would like. It was a grey day in Paris but it was peaceful and full of beauty. 
 Fountain of the Four Bishops built between 1844 to 1848.
  There is a Church in my life.
 This is my second time visiting the Church. Right in front of the Main alter here is the Rose line which was made famous in the movie, Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code.
 The arches, the statues and the art in the Church were so grand and dramatic.
These art displays show harmony, friendship and love which are what we need more our World.

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  1. Place Saint Sulpice is so soggestive and picturesque, your pics spread much calm Pamela, really beautiful. I enjoy also the art pieces and their message. Have a wonderful weekend, kisses! xo

  2. I really like this part of Paris and I remember taking photos of this very pretty church. I also remember the long queues outside Pierre Hermé too!

  3. This is such a beautiful place. How lucky you are to have the opportunity to visit.

  4. When I was in Paris I didn't visit this place that looks so interesting... but I will next time! :) Have a great sunday!

  5. Sogno di ritornare a Parigi e vedere queste immagini me la fa amare ancora di piu'!

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  6. Beautiful place, so picturesque.... the fountain is wonderful!
    Happy New week Pam!
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  7. Just so beautiful, that fountain is one of my's just amazing!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend my dear and your new week will be bliss Xxx

  8. What takes my breath away is that amazing fountain! It is absolutely spectacular! I love cathedrals. So much history.

  9. No wonder that church looked familiar. I must have seen it in Da Vinci the movie

  10. I remember that church because near by was Pierre Hermes
    and a great bakery (can;t remember the name) with delicious sweets, breads & sandwiches!


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