Lost & Found In Paris

  I have to admit that I got lost in Paris while walking to find the Alliance Francaise School along the Rue de Rennes and Boulevard Raspail area in the Left Bank. I enjoyed my walk during that sunny Sunday Fall day that I ended up walking farther away towards the Notre-Dame des Champs Metro station. But one of the joys and worries of getting lost is discovering the unexpected. I discovered this Rose & Rouge Floral boutique along the Boulevard Raspail at that moment when I realized that I was lost. Instead of getting worried, seeing this beautiful Parisian Flower Boutique placed a big smile on my face.  I just love all of the roses in different colours and other flowers on display here. I had to stop and smell the roses here which were so fragrant. Discovering the Rose & Rouge for me was a big welcome for me to Paris. It was quite ironic that I unexpectedly found it when I was lost. 
Here is a young couple buying their weekend bouquet of flowers. 
 Look at all of these melange of colours. 
 You can choose yellow and white if it is your fancy.
Elegant bouquet of roses from Paris. 

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  1. You see, get lost is the best way to find beautiful surprises :) And I would have fallen in love with this boutique as well, all these roses made me smile!:) Kisses Pamela! xo

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Pamela! :)

  3. I was a student at the Alliance Francaise! These photos just cheer me up. Beautiful, Dear!

  4. These pics are so pretty and really Paris-like! I wanna go there again asap :)

    1. Hi Carmen, these photos were actually taken in Paris when I was there last month. If you read my story written above, I discovered this Floral boutique along Boulevard Raspail on the Left Bank near the Notre Dame des Champs Metro Station.

  5. You are absolutely right. Sometimes when we just take a wrong turn we stumble across the most beautiful places. This has happened to me too.

  6. This looks so beautiful, getting lost sometimes definitely brings us to things we would otherwise miss, this is perfect :)) xx

  7. Oh, next time stop by in Luxembourg; we have similar flower shops where I live.

  8. Love roses! Lucy

  9. those flowers are absolutely gorgeous!

  10. such a gorgeous shop NYC has some fabulous flower shops as well It is always good to get lost when traveling at least once to see what amazing new places you can find! Well done!


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