Les Jardins D' Automne

A trip to Paris will not be complete without trying their macarons, especially a Pierre Herme macaron. This is my first time to try the Pierre Herme macaron. After my stroll at the Jardin De Luxembourg, I walked along Rue Bonaparte to visit the Pierre Herme store near Place St Sulpice. Luckily, there was only a small line up inside. I guess not many tourist know this store on the Left Bank. Pierre Herme is fashionable as ever by offering their Fall flavours called the Les Jardins D'Automne. For October, the flavour was Pumpkin & Corn which I bravely tried. After my purchase, I found a bench to sit at Place St Sulpice to savour my macarons.
I chose pistache, Potiron & Mais (pumpkin & corn), their famous Istaphan and Rose.
Which macaron do you prefer: Laduree or Pierre Herme? The original macaron was from Laduree. Pierre Herme used to be one of their bakers. Until he set out on his own and created his own flavours like the famous Istaphan (rose, lychee with a raspberry inside). As I munched my macarons, I can't help but compare the two. For me, Laduree is more crunchy whereas Pierre Herme's shell is softer but their flavours inside are magical.

Laduree is my favourite but will still buy Pierre Herme. That means, when I am in Paris I have to walk more to burn all of these sweet calories.

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  1. Yum, love these :))) Soooooooooo good :))) xx

  2. I am a macaron lover but I have yet to try one by Pierre Herme... :)

  3. I didnt know Pierre Herme was one of their bakers. Well, to be honest I havent a preference, love both of them too!:P And. yummy, looking at the macarons you took, my tummy rumbles!:P

  4. I love them all, they are so delicious!!!!
    Happy wed!

    Kisses, love Paola.


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  5. Macarons are always a good idea, I had some Ladurée ones as a dessert today ;)

  6. I've heard both are good! Can't wait to visit one day.

  7. So delicious... :)

  8. I was so excited to walk into my hotel in Kyoto Japan to discover a Pierre Herme shop in the lobby! I was even more thrilled when they had Pierre Herme pastries at the breakfast buffet and delivered pumpkin macarons to our room on Halloween! :)

    Have a lovely day, Pamela!

  9. Pumpkin and corn macarons? That sounds so yummy! I am dashing there when we next go to Paris. Can't wait. Stay fabulous!! xoxo

  10. When I visited Pierre Hermé there was a very long queue. I love these vibrant colours! As you may have realised from my blog, I'm a huge macaron fan and actually like both brands. Have a great weekend


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