Discover The Rouge Louboutin

 I was shopping for some Fall shoes last Weekend at Holt Renfrew, Bloor St. Store in Toronto when I stumbled upon this beautiful and graphic display of pointed items which turned out to be Christian Louboutin's new Rouge Nail Polish collection. I was amazed by the display with different colours grouped in three families: The Pops, The Nudes and The Noirs. Each colour were inspired by Christian Louboutin especially the Rouge which he has been famously known for the red soles on his iconic shoes. Venturing to nail polish for Louboutin is just the perfect match because his shoes will look more beautiful on women with a well polished pedicure in one of Louboutin's nail polish collection. 
 The Noirs Collection is on the right side with the Black pointed covers. 
 These are The Nudes Collection. 
The Pop Collection are so vibrant in colour.

The red sole was born from red nail polish. 
I am giving back to nails what the shoe took from the nails many years ago.
- Christian Louboutin 

Discover here 5 Minutes with Christian Louboutin to learn more about his inspiration on his new venture to Beauty. 

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  1. The display is simply eyecatching! The packaging of the nail polishes is also very cool and edgy. Red is always my fav color even on nails :) Kisses Pamela! xo

  2. Look at those luscious colors! You ladies get to have all the fun :) Such a chic display. xoxox

  3. This is amazing, love the display and the bottle are stunning, love how they did those :)) Love nail polish so much :)) xx

  4. The bottles look specatcular! Certainly a very unique design!

  5. Im still not completely sold on them but I gotta say, my friend has one and it looks pretty good.. The price is a different story.

  6. I had it ordered when they first came out in the red. Put it on my toes for a pedicure and it chipped within a week. My toes NEVER chip, if you know what I mean! As much as I want to buy another, I will keep my $50 for something else. If you are going to charge that much, the product should be perfect, imo. Nice display however! :(

  7. Oh.... i want them all!!

  8. This mustard yellow shade in the last picture looks pretty intriguing!


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