It's A Magical Kingdom

I'm back again at Disney's the Magic Kingdom Park, in Orlando, Florida. Coming back here after many years ago. Back again with adult eyes but with a child's heart. The moment I arrived at the Park and saw Cinderella's Castle, I felt the magic, wonder and excitement! It never fails to feel this way when one is in the Magic Kingdom no matter our age. We knew that there are long walks, long lines and long wait times but we knew that there is light at the end of the tunnel. The magical light we found in all of the rides, the shows, the parades, entertainment, dinner in Cinderella's Castle and lastly, the magical fireworks that is one of the best in the World. It is truly worth the visit in the Magic Kingdom Park with all the memories that we will bring back home.
Founder Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse.
Feeling the magic when I saw Cinderella's Castle. I was happy to see Goofy.
  We arrived with this magical show happening. 
My childhood favourites from Goofy, Donald Duck, Mickey and Minnie Mouse.
Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. There were magical fountains all over the Park.

Let's begin the Magical Parade
Belle and the Beast
The super famous Anna and Elsa from Frozen.
  There's Ariel!
 It's Rapunzel!
 Peter Pan and Captain Hook!
 Where is Tinkerbell and Pinocchio?
 Are you Brave?
 Of course Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs with Alice and Mr. Tod Pole were in the parade too.
 Then lastly, we all love Mickey and Minnie Mouse.
 At night, the whole Main Street Disney turned bright and sparkly.
Then the finale, the Magical Fireworks.

Power to make a wish come true.
Make a wish
All our wishes will come true... 
When you wish upon a star...
makes no difference who you are...
Everything your heart's desire will come to you...
Every wish will come true..
Believe it with all your heart...
All it takes is a little courage to set it free...

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  1. Visiting the Magic Kingdom is one of the things I still need to do in my life. I have only ever been to Disneyland Paris but it is now decades ago.

  2. Your magical photos bring back memories of when I visited here as a child, so much wish I can make another trip to this dream filled place! I appreciate your wonderfully kind comment!

  3. I' ve been there quite some time ago! I loved it!

  4. Ah Pamela, you made me dream! It would be a huge dream comes true being there, I only visited Disneyland Paris but I believe the ones in America (California and Florida) are much bigger and enchanting. The sculpture of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse has always been my fav, the last poem is so nice and inspiring. Have a wonderful and dreamy weekend Pamela, kisses! xo

  5. Looks like so much fun Pamela. Where's my friend Pluto? :)

  6. Wonderful place!!!! A lot of fun!!!!
    Happy sunday doll!!!

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  7. Wooow, magic place! Lucy

  8. This is such a beautiful and magical series of photos, Pamela!!!

  9. So amazing, I love this place so much :))) xxx

  10. Magical! Amazing! Beautiful! I have no more words to describe that place!!

  11. i'll be there in november such a funny time!

  12. Always grateful for your kind comments :)

  13. What a fabulous post! Your lovely photos brought back such happy memories of our trip there many years ago. I'm not really a fan of rides but thoroughly enjoyed all the parades and seeing the characters. Such a clean, perfect, magical place no matter how old we may be!

  14. Aww how lovely and a lovely post as always xx I've just started a blog of my own and If you're interested you are very welcome to visit. Followers are desperately needed!!!

  15. Going to the happiest place on earth will never get's always awesome!! What say you we follow each one at Twitter??


  16. Really lovely pictures! I would adore to go to Disney Land again soon!!!

  17. My heart is fluttering! That parade and floats were fabulous!


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