All Aboard On The Hogwarts Express

 Come on and let us hop aboard the Hogwarts Express at the Universal Studios, Orlando. This is a train ride on the famous Hogwarts Express that will take us from Hogsmeade, at Universal's Island of Adventure to all the way to London's King Cross Station at the Universal Studios Park. This train ride is quite surreal as it takes you through the English countryside so authentic with the view of Hogwarts Castle, flying brooms and mythical half animal and half human creatures showing up along the way. Let us climb aboard this magical ride on the Hogwarts Express to discover more about the magical world of Harry Potter. We are hoping to  encounter Harry, Ron and Hermione on this magical train ride soon.
 Climb aboard! Even the Train Station staff are wearing such authentic and fashionable uniforms.
 Guess whose traveling caravan these belong to? Who is HP? There is Hedwig. 
Here we are in the train, traveling along with the view of Hogwarts Castle. 
Who is that? One of the Weasley brothers? 
 OK, let us go to Hogwarts this time. 
Inside the majestic Hogwarts Castle we saw the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
There is also a fun and fantastic ride inside that will take you flying up around Hogwarts. 
 Our welcoming committee.
 It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.
- Dumbledore

Snow capped roofs.
 If you are wondering what the ButterBeer sign is on the above photo, it is a wizarding beverage served cold with a frothy top. It taste like butterscotch as it is made with butter, sugar and water with a slight alcoholic content. It really taste good. It is a popular drink here at Hogswarts. Then after all the wizarding around town, we had lunch at the Three Broomsticks to taste some of Harry's favourite meals.

Enjoy the Labour Day long weekend!
We all work hard enough that we deserve to have some relaxation and also some fun.

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  1. Fantastic Express... lovely place!!!!!
    Happy weekend darling!!!

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  2. The attention to detail is quite amazing. I'm sure this is popular with all ages. The ButterBeer sounds delicious. I've always been a fan of anything flavoured with butterscotch. As always, your photos are wonderful. Thanks for the ride!

  3. Oh, I want to climb aboard now and take the same magical train ride! Wow Pamela, you made me dream! Its fantastic and now Id love to try that beverage too, sounds delicious!:) Happy Labour Day long weekend, rest and have fun! xo

  4. My son would die for a ride on that train!

  5. Looks like so much fun Pamela and to finish with a Butterbeer sounds like the perfect end to a wonderful day. Happy weekend. x

  6. What a fun post, Pamela!!! Thank you so much for sharing this, I thoroughly enjoyed your photos.

  7. That looks and sounds like a super cool experience! I will be going to a pretty cool interactive Harry Potter exhibition in October and really can't wait :D

  8. This is absolutely amazing Pamela! I want to jump on that train and let it whisk me away. HaHa Everything is so gorgeous. You captured it magnificently. I feel as if I'm there. Thank you!

  9. I want to go in here, this looks amazing!! I've been to some of the places around the UK where the film was set. Would love to go to an exhibition or something like this. So cool :))) xx

  10. Such a beautiful post, amazing photos !

  11. I have to visit this attraction for sure one day!


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