Let's Pig Out!

 There's is a new eating establishment here in Pickering that is creating a Buzz in our City. It is simply called Pig Out BBQ which was recently featured in the Food Network Canada show You Gotta Eat Here hosted by John Catucci. This place is not for the faint of heart! This place offers everything Meat, both beefy and porky, sinful and delicious in huge quantities. They serve the best pulled pork sandwich, beef brisket BBQ sandwich and even their hamburgers are to die for including the side orders of fries, onion rings, baked macaroni and healthy sweet potato fries. Come here with an empty stomach even if you have to wait awhile to get a table or while waiting for your take out order. Then while waiting you can amuse yourself by looking at their collection of piggies displayed right at the counter. 
 Do you think these piggies look so cool?
 A Collection of cool piggies displayed right at the counter where the Chef and his crew perform their BBQ magic.
The magic begins... We ordered the Pig Out Platter which is composed of 2 pounds of ribs, smoked sausage, 1 pound of wings, beef brisket. Choice of 3 large trimmings, coleslaw, pickles, and bbq sauces. 
 Beef Brisket and pulled pork BBQ.
 For our trimmings, we ordered mac & cheese, fries and onion rings. 
Our Pig Out order was shared with 3 people.  It was quite an experience to eat this huge platter order. The meats were so tender, tasty and not dry. We were so full and happy with our delicious meal.

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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  1. Morning Pamela! Lol, the piggies are so sweet and cute! I dont eat meat anymore from last year now but Im sure this place is worthy and the dishes look really appetizing, also the fries, yum is lunch time here and Im very hungry now!:)
    Btw, you just made me remember a place where I loved to eat while I was in Toronto, Big Smoke Burger, oh my still think of their crafted stuff!XD I ate poutine there for the first time!:) Happy weekend dear, many kisses! xo

  2. Oh wow. Let me at that beef brisket, macaroni and fries, let me at it! Its making my tummy rumble!

  3. This place sounds great and I love those pigs!

  4. Ha...I love the pigs :))) I would also be there for a very long time pigging out for sure!! The food looks wonderful. My stomach will growl soon. Amazing place, am happy you enjoyed it doll. I hope you had a wonderful weekend xx

  5. Your blog does not seem to be updating on my blog roll but I decided to pop over as I felt sure you would have a new post. I love pulled pork sandwiches and the collection of pigs is a cute idea too. I imagine this will be a place which is always busy.

  6. Lovely pigs and amazing place!!!!!
    Have a great start of the week honey!!!

  7. Sounds like a scrumptious time out, I am vegan but Id definitely go for the mac & cheese and fries! Wishing you a fruitful week ahead hun!

  8. Oh my goodness, I don't even eat red meat anymore and this is all making my mouth water. It sounds like a very fun place to visit but also very dangerous!
    xo Mary Jo

  9. Pamela, PIG OUT looks SO GOOD! I would look just like that fat piggy in the last pic. HAHAHA The food looks scrumptious. I can see why it's a favorite and garnering so much attention. I love the Superman pig too. HAHAHA

  10. Ciao Pamela!
    Happy sunday girl!!!


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