Weekend at the Musée Rodin

One of my favourite Museums in Paris is the Musée Rodin, located at 79 Rue de Varenne in the 7th Arrondissement. Who would have known that here on the Left Bank, there is still a Mansion, with beautiful gardens filled with sculptures created by Auguste Rodin himself? The mansion is the Hôtel Biron which showcase all of the famous sculptures by Rodin especially the The Thinker, The Kiss and The Age of Bronze. Right outside the garden are sculptural hedges and divine roses all grouped together to smell so good. Scattered around the garden are more Sculptures completed by Rodin like the Gates of Hell, The Burghers of Calais and Balzac. You will be surprised that this place exist in the heart of Paris right beside the L'Hotel des Invalides which is in view from the gardens. This Museum is also a walking distance from the Musée d'Orsay. When in Paris, go discover the Musée Rodin inside and out. I suggest that you walk from the Musée D'Orsay as you will discover many more including the Parisian cafes and shops on the Left Bank. The Musée Rodin is also currently the home of the fashion shows of Christian Dior. 
View of the garden.
The Cathedral and The Kiss. 
Just like Michelangelo, Rodin has mastered the sculpture of the human body down to its dramatic and accurate shape and parts.
Le Penseur/The Thinker. 
Christian Dior has made the Musée Rodin their home to present their fashion shows.

Photo Credits: Christian Dior,
View of  Les Invalides from the Garden. 
The sculpture in the middle is Ugolino. The two sculptures at the back are The Meditation (right) and The Spirit of Eternal Rest (left). 
After visiting the Musée Rodin then Les Invalides, we walked back to Champs Élysées to have some afternoon snack at Ladurée. 
It was a lovely day spent in Paris. 

Bon Weekend! 

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  1. I didnt know it! What a shame, now that you told that is also the home for Christian Dior fashion shows I recognized the place. Next time in Paris, I will definitely go there, is fantastic! You look nice in the pic Pamela! And yum for the Laduree treats! Have a lovely weekend! xo

  2. Wow, the garden looks so dreamy and of course also the building itself. So nice that Dior had their show over there!

  3. Thank you for letting us know! I have been to Paris, but somehow I missed this hidden gem. I will have to remember for the next time I visit. It looks really romantic.

    Happy weekend Pam!

    Madelief x

  4. simply amazing dear !

  5. Super super love this museum, gorgeous!

  6. oh wow, it doesn't get more beautiful than this! The architecture and those lush gardens are truly special, what a magical place to visit, would love to travel to Paris someday, thats a lovely photo of you! Have a great Monday!

  7. Great photos!!

  8. Wow.... amazing plce and wondeful pics!!!!
    Have a lovely day!!!!
    Kisses doll!!!

  9. Amazing place. Have a nice day.

  10. What a wonderful day Pamela. I haven't been Musée Rodin, its one of the many places I've had on my list but never got to see. I may be back in Paris this summer so I will be sure to visit:)


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