It's Spring!

It's finally Spring. Although, here in Toronto, it does not really look and feel like Spring. We are still experiencing this long Winter.  We are hopeful that Spring will come soon. But all of our Shops here are displaying their Spring Collections especially the Kate Spade Toronto Shop in Yorkville. Luckily, Kate Spade's campaign for Spring is about Introducing Our Year of Places To Go, People To See and of course, what to wear and accessories to bring along. Here are some style and travel inspiration for Spring. 
 Dare to wear colourful prints.
 Wear some pastel colours.
  Go classic in Black and White.
A peak inside the Kate Spade's  Yorkville Store.
Discover here Italia 2014, Kate Spade's Spring Campaign, featuring the Collection inspired by Capri. There are Tips From The Locals featuring Annie Ojile talking about her Vespa Tours and favourite places around Capri. Then watch the Video for some travel and style inspiration, Ciao Italia! and Sun! Camera! Action!
(Photo credits: Kate Spade)

Be Inspired and Get Excited this Spring!

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  1. so inspiring shop windows!
    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,

  2. Happy spring, Pamela!!!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and do lots of shopping! We are back from Europe :) xo Loi

  3. The campaign is just so beautiful, have watched the video and it made me so smile how they talk in Italian!:) The collection is awesome, love pastel tones and the windows make me wish to be in Toronto fo Spring!:) Happy weekend Pamela, kisses! xo

  4. Lovely bag! Kisses, Lucy

  5. Oh my goodness, how I adore Kate Spade! I wish we had a store here but then I would be broke! Love the new lemon pieces!


  6. Kate Spade products ALWAYS put a smile on my face. Love the lemon part of her collection :D

  7. Toronto is such a stylish place. You are so lucky to live there!

  8. Amazing windows!!!!!! I love Kate Spade's bags!!!!!!
    Happy sunday honey!!!!

  9. Even if the weather isn't playing along (it's raining where I am), at least fashion is bringing in some sort of spring feelings!

  10. Love those bags, the little added bows are precious!! I am so happy for Spring, it's grand to see some sunshine finally. Have a darling week xx

  11. I want everything form the Kate Spade collection, the display is so inviting and fun! We are slowly saying goodbye to summer here and the stores are filled with winter stock. Thanks for your style input, have a productive week ahead!

  12. I love those fresh and fruity spring colours! Here it's also too cold to wear spring clothes yet...
    xx Tani

  13. I appreciate your kind visit.


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