A Centennial Year At The ROM

This Year is the 100th Centennial Year of  The ROM (Royal Ontario Museum). It will be a year long celebration culminating with the special exhibit of The Forbidden City which features all of the never seen treasures from the Forbidden Palace, in Beijing, China. The Forbidden Palace was the former Palace of the Chinese Emperors, their families, Court Members and Concubines. For Centuries, the Chinese Emperor ruled China and lived in the Forbidden Palace exclusively, giving no access to the people on how they lived and the treasures they owned inside. After the fall of the Emperor, the Forbidden City is currently the Beijing Palace Museum. These treasures we saw at The ROM were never shown outside of China. Our visit was an educating and fun visit full of discovering about the Emperors, their Empress, families, Concubines and their lifestyle and Art currently exhibited at The ROM coinciding with their Centennial Year. 

 These are replicas of the Emperor's Portrait and the Blue and White ceramic jars sold at the ROM Shop. But in the Exhibit, the originals are showcased  as they are displayed in the Forbidden Palace. 
 The Emperor is represented by the Dragon. 
 I learnt from the Exhibit that the Empress of China is not from royal birth but they were originally from the many concubines of the Emperor. Whoever was the first concubine who gave birth to the Emperor's first son, became the Empress. One of the most powerful Empress was Empress Dowager Cixi who ruled the Manchu Qing Dynasty for 47 years from 1861 to her death in 1908.
 This Year is the Year of the Horse. 
There were activities inside the Museum for all ages including Lego Land. 
The Theme for the kids is to create monuments from the Forbidden City. Visitors recreated in Lego the Forbidden Palace, an airplane and a tank (both not part of the Forbidden City). 
 The China Gallery.
Inside the museum.

A Fashion Bonus:

In honour of The ROM's Centenary Year and Spring Fashion, Holt Renfrew presents their Style Spotlight: A Day At The Museum featuring Canadian Fashion Stylist, Erika Wark. Don't miss out this Fashion pictorial inside the different galleries at the ROM and the Video.

Happy 100th Birthday ROM!
Celebrate Earth Hour today by turning off lights for one hour starting at 8:30 PM. Let us save our Environment. 

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  1. ROM is so impressive, one of the most gorgeous museum of the world. The Forbidden City exhibit must be very interesting, wish I was in TO to visit it, I didnt know much about the Chinese Empire history. Have watched also the video of the HR fashion shooting, beautiful! Happy BDay Rom! xo

  2. This looks wonderful and I really need to visit Toronto to see the great museums! I saw the Terracotta Warrior exhibit in NYC and that was pretty impressive. Have a FAB weekend!!

  3. I personally love visiting museums and ROM looks fascinating, this exhibit is full of ancient culture and artifacts Id love to learn more about. Thats was interesting reading about the empress. Wishing you a marvelous weekend!

  4. This place is amazing, I would stay there for a very long time. I love it!! Happy Birthday ROM!!! Have a wonderful weekend doll xo

  5. What a glorious exhibition!! Thanks for the highlights, Pamela. Wish we could enjoy these treasures in person.....just a bit far from DC. Happy weekend, Loi

  6. It's so great that museums have interactive things for kids to do. Get them involved in ART LOVE while they're young!

  7. That's an exhibition I would love to see. Many do not know what took place during their time. So mysterious. Just reading your experiences taught me a lot. Thanks Pamela.

  8. Just the kind of exhibition I would enjoy and what a fabulous building too - so attractive. A great idea to have the lego for children too. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  9. Great exhibition..... i would like to see it!!!!!
    Happy sunday doll!!

  10. A very interesting exhibition, I am sure that I would have enjoyed it as well. And the setting looks very impressive as well!

  11. Looks like a smashing exhibition Pamela. Mind you don't knock over any of those priceless vases with your handbag, oops! :)

  12. May your week be filled with calm & creativity.

  13. Looks like a great exhibition! I would love to pay a return visit to Ontario, I was there for work once about 8 years ago and loved it!

    Emma | Fluff and Fripperies

  14. That looks awesome, Pamela! It must be so great to see everything in person. Chinese history is so interesting


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