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The Zara Lookbook for Spring is currently out now on-line. It shows stylish clothes that are light in fabric, colour and style. There are lots of whites, beige, light blues, canary yellow, pink and some Black. No more winter coats, sweaters and boots. Here are some of my favourites from the Collection. I can't wait for Spring to come. Believe that Spring is just around the corner.
I love this printed dress.
This light blue dress with metallic sandals is one of my favourites for Spring.
The denim skirt with white blouse and sandals looks refreshing for Spring.
 I like this sandals because it looks so stylish and at the same time comfortable. Unfortunately, this time, it is sold out on the Zara website. Which item from the Zara Collection is your favourite?

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  1. Morning Pamela! I also think Spring is near..we just have to be patient and soon it comes :) Love the Zara lookbook, is fresh and one of the cutest. That light blue dress with metallicc sandals are my fav look, want it!:) Have a good day dear xo

  2. Lovely items. I hope spring is near, I am excited for it so much :))) Zara is a great shop :) I hope you have a great day xx

  3. I must admit that this collection doesn't impress me that much...

  4. Such lovely outfits! I think I prefer the white one.

    Happy day Pamela!

    Madelief x

  5. Nice clothes! I know myself; if i step into a Zara, I can't leave empty-handed. For the moment I'm staying away but it won't be for long... :)

  6. I like the chic simplicity of these looks, they seem very wearable and interesting to style

  7. I like the print dress, too. I like everything. So happy to see flats!

  8. I'm loving that light blue dress with those cute sandals! HOW CUTE! Great looks Pamela.

  9. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on my last post...Good wishes for the weekend!


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