Toronto Winterlicious

They say, we Torontonians hibernate during Winter. So in order to bring us all out despite the Ice storm and snow storms that we are experiencing during this Winter, we celebrate with festivals like the Winterlicious which runs from January 31 to February 13. The Winterlicious Festival is a culinary event where the City's best restaurants participate by offering a prix-fixe three or four course lunch and dinner menu for an affordable price between $15 to $45 not including drinks. This is a wonderful and fun opportunity to get out and explore the City's best restaurants at an affordable price. Despite the cold, we go out and explore to our own delight! 
My family and I decided to try Creme Brasserie at Yorkville. 
The interior of the restaurant is so elegant and French with creme walls and elegant chandeliers. 
Fresh warm bread with humus spread. 
For the first course, we had Mussels Poulette with leeks, mushrooms, creme, white wine and lemon.
  For the main course, some of us had Fish and Chips and my brother had lamb with vegetables. 
For my dessert, I choose the Chocolate crepes with strawberries, bananas, orange liqueur and warm chocolate sauce plus my Latte with chocolate biscotti which I ate too soon.

Overall, our meal was delicious. Our waiter was friendly and enthusiastic about the event. He also recommended the delicious meals in the Winterlicous Menu. I liked the mussels, the fish & chips and of course the chocolate crepes. We all had a great time coming out to the elegant Crème Brasserie and enjoyed our delicious three course meal.

Keep warm and safe this Weekend!

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  1. Pamela what an awesome foodie event! It would bring me out of the cold. HaHaHa I love the place you chose and the food looks absolutely delicious. The prices are amazing! Again, it's a great way to make the winter delicious :)

  2. Hi Pamela, how fun, wish I was there to take part to this event. I wish also my city sponsored this kind of festivals. Btw, the restaurant you chose looks so cosy and elegant. Im pretty drooling over the menu, especially your dessert!:) Have a great weekend and stay warm! Kisses! xo

  3. looks like a lovely place Your blog makes me so much want to get back to Toronto I visited twice before you needed a passport to visit and I just loved it What a fabulous dinner you had here!

  4. wow that wonderful place and that delicious food! :O



  5. That lamb stew looks so yummy and hearty! We have restaurant weeks here in DC, too. Such a fun, fabulous and reasonable way to try new restaurants. Stay warm, Pamela!! xo

  6. You are so lucky. Toronto has the most elegant places!

  7. Souds like a lovely festival Pam! Have fun & stay warm!

    Madelief x

  8. Those are really great prices for such a nice place. We had something similar ---like a restaurant week--and it was great for trying out places that I normally would never have visited. Toronto sure knows how to tempt you guys out of the house with great food!


    Another Beautiful Thing

  9. What a clever idea to encourage people to go out when everyone is tempted to stay warm indoors. The food and venue would suit me fine! It's a while since I had mussels but this version I'm sure is delicious.

  10. What a lovely concept; we don't have that at home. I would have gone for the fish and chips as well :)

  11. This looks absolutely marvellous, love the idea :)) xx

  12. Winter festivals sounds like a wonderful and fun idea. The restaurant is so elegant and the food looks superb, especially dessert, yum!

  13. Looks like an adorbale place and the food must have been so yummy! Especially the chocolae crêpes :D

  14. Looks like such an elegant restaurant and with very delicious food too!


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