A Rainbow Surprise


So far this week, I have been in a strange mood. No matter what I do to cheer myself up, I still feel down and quite upset over everything. Does that happen to you? Maybe it is the Mercury retrograde this week or the endless freezing and snowy winter here in Toronto? Even my computer last night was not connecting to the Web. But then I have to Thank God for showing me a rainbow today on Jamie Beck's Blog post about Iguassu Falls during their visit to Brazil. Check out the views on her Blog post. It really reminds us of God's wonderful creation here on Earth. That we really have to look outside of our own World to really appreciate this beautiful World and our own lives. 

My photo above was taken during Spring here in Toronto. A rainbow just by our doorstep to show that there is always hope after the storm. We may not see or feel it yet but with our faith, we believe that good things will come and that miracles do happen. God showed me a rainbow to lift me up and to give me hope when I was feeling down. To lift ourselves up, we better believe, hope, don't give up and keep on marching on! 

Don't forget to Smile!
Here is something that made me smile, watch Anya Hindmarch's Fall 2014 Show Counter Culture
You will love it!
(Photo Credit: Anya Hindmarch)

Forget your Troubles, C'mon Get Happy!
You better chase all your cares away
Shout hallelujah, C'mon Get Happy!
- sung by Judy Garland Get Happy

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  1. Hi Pamela, Im sorry you feel so. I love what you wrote and I really agree with you, you just remind me that. Ive checked out the blog and was stunned by that rainbow, awesome. Also yours is very beautiful, there is always one at the end of storm, just wait it is over :) Send u a big hugs my dear :*

  2. Hiya lovely...I'm sorry to hear your feeling a big low. I get that now and again. But, it is good to remind ourselves of good things and try and be cheerful as we can. Gorgeous photos...I hope you feel much better soon doll. Hugs xxx

  3. I didn't know that Mercury Retrograde was currently on... so far I haven't felt it but I'll bear it in mind. Yes, we all have ups and downs but thankfully it's just phases and there is always a change ahead. xo

  4. Thats such a beautiful rainbow, reminds us that even in the darkest sky and scariest storm there always is a ray of beauty and light! Hang in there darling, we all have these kinda days.

  5. We all have frustrating moments like that Pamela. 2014 has been that way for me this year. I've been crawling along waiting for the next rainbow. HaHaHa Hang in there! Love that Anya Hindmarch bag. I showcased her Monday on my blog. Such fun pieces.

  6. You were so right. I DID love that show!!! Almost as much as a rainbow. Sending you a big hug, Pamela.

  7. Something very magical about a rainbow. I hope you are feeling better, Pamela. Happy weekend, my friend!!!

  8. You are an absolute treasure Pamela. I hope that rainbow illuminated your day and that you are feeling a lot cheerier.
    Paul x


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