Spectacular South Sea Pearls

One of the best products coming from the Philippines are the South Sea pearls which are mostly harvested in the Seas of the Southern region of Mindanao and also from the Visayas. Luckily, when we visited the D-Mall in Boracay Island which I featured in  Discover Boracay, we discovered this shop, Salic Collections that sell South Sea Pearls, Jewelry and Diamonds. But our focus here were the pearls. The locals in Mindanao and the Visayas would traditionally harvest these oysters with these natural pearls by deep diving into the Seas. These pearls sold in her shop range from pure, unpolished and unset pearls to polished and fully set pearls in a variety of sizes and colours. Believe it or not! We were shown trays after trays of different pearls in different sizes, colours and different price ranges. It will truly depend on your budget and your preferences. We were in Pearls and Jewelry heaven in her store! Luckily, she allowed me to photograph her and her store which I am proudly sharing here with you all. 
These were the large polished pearls set with diamonds and gold or silver.
Too bad I didn't get her name but she was such a sweet and unassuming Lady. She is a Muslim Filipina residing in Boracay Island. There are Muslim Filipinos in the Philippines who mostly reside in Mindanao and some here in the Visayas region.  Her mother is the one who created all of these beautiful and spectacular jewelry. She is showing us here this beautiful unfinished bib necklace made from Mother of Pearl. Isn't that just so spectacular?  I just hope she and her family are safe and doing well as the Super Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda also lashed on  Boracay Island last week. 
Here is another unfinished bib necklace and behind her are more Jewelry Collections created by her mother from local raw materials in the Island. In case you will be in Boracay Island, you can visit her store at Salic Collections, Stall#7, D-Mall Avenue, Boracay Island, Aklan, Philippines. Check out their Facebook page here.

As reported in the News last weekend, there were apocalyptic devastation in the Southern Visayas Region of the Philippines brought by the Super Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan. The Government of Canada will match every donated funds to these registered Canadian charities therefore doubling the impact of your donation. Please help the Filipinos affected by this Super Typhoon as they are in need in this critical time of Food and Water by donating to any of these Worldwide Organisations:
 the United Nations World Food Program (@WFP), Typhoon - Philippines. 
Canadian Red Cross - Typhoon Haiyan Fund.
UNICEF Canada -  Typhoon Haiyan Fund.
Thank you for your support!  Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. The shop is pearls. Those huge necklaces are glad she let you take pictures. I hope you have a gorgeous weekend doll & I hope you are well xx

  2. Wow, those necklaces are unbelievable, the pearls are so beautiful, a string of them would be any girls dream to have. Whats even more amazing is that her mum makes these masterpieces herself!

  3. These are really beautiful and the young lady presented them so nicely! I also hope she is at safe place. I didn't know there are native Muslims living in the Philippines, I was reading a little bit after reading ur post and there have been interesting things to get know. Thank u!

  4. I really hope she and her family are safe and sound after that big tragedy. The store looks so stunning, I was amazed by the beauty of all the pearls, most the 2 bib necklaces which are really incredible for how much they are big, impressive. Her mother is an artist. Have you got something? Kisses Pamela, have a lovely weekend! xo

  5. What a cool shop and I too hope she and her family are okay. I hope they get all the aid the need to rebuild the towns that were damaged. I just feel so bad for these folks. These pearls look amazing!

  6. I just love pearls. And these are so pretty. And isn't that girl just so beautiful? Hoping all the best for the Philippines.

  7. South sea pearls are my favorite, I wear a pair (from my line) every day - truly hoping that all these families find relief.

    xo Mary Jo

  8. Yes, truly pearl heaven. I would have spent hours deciding what to get. Hope that she is safe!

  9. These look so pretty! I want one pair of real pearl earrings in my life!

  10. Thanks for your fashionable insight, may your week be an inspiring one :)

  11. What a nice shop, I love pearls and accent pieces like those. Im still sending all my love to the Philippines, things will get better soon. xoxoxoxox

  12. These pearls are very beautiful!
    Have a nice day!

  13. Beautiful pearls Pamela. Do you know if the pearl diving is still only done by women?

    1. Hello Paul, it is actually the men who did the deep sea pearl diving.

  14. Pamela, those pearls are spectacular. GOD bless her and her mother. I hope they are doing well.

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  16. I love pearls and this is such a fascinating shop as her mother creates all those lovely designs. I hope they are safe.

  17. How gorgeous are the pearls! And very nice of her to let you photograph all these lovely pieces.

  18. These necklaces and earrings are gorgeous! I really hope she and her family are ok! :)


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