Best of British Fall Style

Union Jack Minaudiere by Alexander McQueen available at Holt Renfrew Canada.

Oh British Style, they are always the coolest, unique, eccentric and quite androgynous. The kind of style that I like as British Style always have this freedom to dress the way they like to, very well put together and looking so original. It was in Britain that Punk Fashion emerged during the 1980s. Here in Toronto,  we tend to blend both the British and American way of dressing very well. Walk along our Bloor Street and there is an abundance of British Style everywhere from Alexander McQueen, Burberry and finally a newly opened Mulberry Boutique. We should not be surprised since Toronto is actually the capital of English Canada. Lucky for me, it saves me a trip to London for now. Only for now.
Thanks to Sarah Burton, Creative Director at Alexander McQueen for continuing the edgy and elegant cool style of the Fashion House. Here are some Alexander McQueen flats for Fall. 
Even Burberry's Fall Bags are on trend for Pink and Black with their version of the Rockstuds.
Go Red for this Burberry Bag. A statement in minimalism and elegance for Fall.
Finally, here is Mulberry's Boutique in Toronto. For the longest time, Mulberry Bags are only available at Holt Renfrew. Now, they have their own Boutique along Bloor Street offering more choices and style.
The new Mulberry Willow Tote.
Mulberry Dress, Boots and Lily Shoulder Bag for Fall. The new Suffolk Bags in red and black.

A Bonus...

The latest hottest British Actor, Benedict Cumberbatch was in Toronto to attend the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of his upcoming movie, The Fifth Estate which is a film about the Wikileaks scandal. Doesn't he look so dashing and handsome?
(Photo credit: Hello Magazine Canada)

Here's another Bonus...

Dan Stevens (on the left) aka Matthew Crawley of  Downton Abbey was in Toronto to attend the Premiere of the movie The Fifth Estate which he is starring with Benedict Cumberbatch. On the right is British Actor Tom Hiddleston who is also in Toronto to attend the premier of his movie, Only Lovers Left Alive.  All three Actors are very talented, handsome and gorgeous. So which British actor is the hottest?
(Photo credit: Hello Magazine Canada)

May you all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. My money is on Alex Pettyfer but you know 'Pierce' is going to be mighty upset you didn't mention him in the same post Miss P!

  2. I really love British fashion! After Milan, I would vote London as the place with the best dressed people.

  3. I wouldn't mind that red Burberry bag;-) Not at all:)

  4. The McQueen loafers are amazing, wish I could get a pair, they are trendy and seem really comfy too compared to all the heels on offer. The Mulberry bags are really elegant classics, I am waiting for them to make these styles in vegan leather! Britain's best export has to be Henry Cavill for me...swoon. Hope you have a wonderfully relaxing weekend!

  5. Hi Pamela! Love British style too, they way they look so effortlessly cool and trendy is unique, thats why Kate Moss is my fav fashion icon!:) But for now I'm longing to be on Bloor and watch the people walking, you remind me how many times I was there, Holt Renfrew was my fav stop, soon after Second Cup. I walk through it and Yonge when I go to the Eaton Centre by feet, very nice memories!:) Btw, love the AMQ loafers and the Burberry bags, Mulberry is one of my fav brand, love their bags! Kisses dear, have a great weekend! xo

  6. I love that Union Jack Minaudiere's clutch! So beautiful!

  7. Hi Pamela! I am heading into Toronto this week, I will check out the McQueen slippers...I have a thing these days for skulls. Thanks for the heads up; living in the wild west of Ontario, I like to stay informed;) ps. as always, thanks for your eloquent comments on my blog.

  8. The British have always had a way with fashion. You're lucky to live in a place that combines good old Canadian style with the cool British stuff. A great mix.

  9. Those Mulberry bags are really pretty! Wish they weren't so expensive :-)

    Happy Sunday,

    Madelief x

  10. amazing pictures

  11. Benedict Cumberbatch is one of my favorite actors now! Love him in Sherlock Holmes. Have you seen it, Pamela? Soooooo good and clever! As for British fall fashion, more please!

  12. The willow tote will haunt my dreams :D
    I want to let you know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! You can read more about it in my blog :)


  13. Buena selección!!

  14. Ah The Alexander McQueen Loafers are absolutely beautiful! I'd kill for the black and gold pair!


  15. I am loving those Burberry and Mulberry bags! Swwoooooooooooon!

  16. Wishing you a great start to the week doll!

  17. so much beutifull stuff in one place!!!

  18. Hmm, difficult to decide--I was such a Matthew Crawley fan, but he's lost so much weight now, it's hard to recognize him! Well I will look out for the Fifth Estate now for obvious reasons :)
    xo Mary Jo

  19. I am not really into British fashion style but I have to say that those studded Burberry bags are a dream come and also the little red one.
    Have a great day Pam :D


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