Toronto Summerlicious

Summer in Toronto is not only a fun time to get out there to enjoy the festivals and the shopping but also delicious. Every Summer Toronto celebrated with Summerlicious which was a two weeks Culinary event in July where the Restaurants around the city participated to offer three or four courses fixe prix menu worth from $15 to $45. Yes, believe it or not. It is our chance to eat at those expensive fine dining restaurants for a fraction of its price. One of the the things we love here in Toronto is our patios at Restaurants. Every summer, everyone comes out and hangs out in the patio to have a drink or a complete meal with family and friends. How about you? Do you enjoy hanging out at the patio for a meal during summer? Try it, its one of the best things to do in life. 
One of the meals we had during Summerlicious were the Tuna Tataki salad, Atlantic Cod with Asparagus and fried potatoes, Creme Caramel with berries and the Panna Cotta with berries.
Of course, we had some refreshing Sangria to beat the Summer heat. 
Then after our foray into Summerlicious, we walked along Bloor Street for some shopping passing by Gucci and admiring these summer flowers along the way.
We checked out Prada to see what is new and in style.
Can't resist the Louis Vuitton Art of Travel Window displays in Red and White stripes and balloons.
We also visited the Royal Ontario Museum to see the Mesopotamia Inventing Our World Exhibit featuring the collection from the British Museum in London, England. 
The Exhibit featured the art and history of  Mesopotamia which comprised of the First Cities in Assyria and Babylon. It was in these Ancient Civilisations that Writing and even Justice were first conceived.
Some of the Exhibits from one of my favourite museums, The British Museum now on loan to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). 
Some of the products inspired by the Exhibit for sale at the ROM shop.

The earrings were inspired from the Ancient jewels of the Queens of Assyria.
The colourful lanterns and bowls were just enchanting.
In Toronto, we have Vespas ready for a spin around the City.

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  1. Toronto seems to be a great place for summer, I'd love to visit it!

  2. Delicious!!!!

  3. Toronto looks so beautiful. And the food!!!

  4. Enjoying fine food, a bit of shopping, and a fabulous museum exhibit: just marvelous, Pamela! Such a wonderful outing. And I want some of that panna cotta - one of my favorite desserts!
    x Loi

  5. Looks like you had a nice time! The food looks great and I also love the colourful bowls in this shop :)

  6. Toronto really has so much to offer - definitely somewhere I would like to visit one day - I think from what you say, summer is a good time and we would love the Culinary Event. The outdoor area looks lovely. Eating outdoors is always a treat but the weather doesn't always cooperate here! I bought very similar bowls etc. in Istanbul.

  7. Ive only been once to Toronto and it was in summer, truly beautiful and cosmopolitan city. The desserts look divine! Those are such exotic pieces on sale, really pretty.

  8. Nice photos... i love Toronto... :-)


    1. What a great place to visit!!!!

      New post!


  9. Cute post Pam! Fun seeing what's happening up by you. I would love to get back up to Canada. What a good idea with the special menus. I agree with you that sitting out and eating out is one of the best things about life in summer! Very cool they had the British Museum collection there!


  10. The food looks delicious! There is a similar offer on in New York right now: Restaurant Week. It lasts a whole month though.

  11. Hi sweety, wanted to wish you well for the week ahead.

  12. You have no idea but I really want to visit Canada as soon as I can and that will increases everytime I see your beautiful pictures :)

  13. Hi Pamela! I wish I was there! How beautiful is Toronto in summer! Plus, I would have loved to enjoy the Summerlicious too, looks like an amazing event indeed!:) Also ROM is great, I remember it very well!:) Kisses dear, have a nice week ahead! xo

  14. Fab post Miss P! I could eat that entire meal right this very minute as I just got in from work and I'm famished! I wouldn't have chosen anything different.
    Love the image of the Prada window with the bicycle reflection, very cool!
    The exhibition looks fascinating and those bowls can go in the Birkin bag with a pannacotta please:)
    Enjoy the wonderful summer weather in Toronto.

  15. Pamela, Summerlicious sounds super fantastic to me. I think I would eat out every day and night during that two week period. HAHAHAH The prices are amazing! What a great way to get out and experience a culinary delight. You lucky girl! I love eating outside! Believe it or not, there are not many places in New Orleans like that. Restaurants are built next to the sidewalk or pedestrian walk and you don't have room too. Newer restaurants are incorporating that feature. When I vacationed in Miami, there was LOTS of eating outdoors. I loved it! It was soooo good. I love the jewelry and wares you featured here. SO PRETTY! Hope all is well doll. Have an amazing week!

  16. Oh Pam, I've always loved my visits to Canada and this is such a fabulous and inspiring array of images. The food looks absolutely out of this world!

  17. This looks so fun, I do want to visit Toronto one day soon!

    xo Mary Jo

  18. really amazing pictures I like that nuseum and babilyon culture, and of course Prada style is great


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