An Organic Farmer's Market Surprise


On sunny Saturday last Spring in London, I unexpectedly discovered the Pimlico Road Farmer's Market. If you have been following my Blog, you will know that I enjoy visiting outdoor markets to discover and shop all the variety of food, vegetables, fruits, flowers, drinks and other beautiful things available for sale. I couldn't believe that I would see an open Organic market right in London. I was in the area to actually eat at one of my favourite eating places in London at Daylesford Organic Farmshop right here at Pimlico Road. It was my first time to venture in this area south of Sloane Square. Pimlico Road is known as London's premiere Design District. I discovered shops of some well known British Interior Designers and antiques dealers including Linley, Lord Linley's (The Queen's nephew) bespoke furniture and gift Home accessories shop. So it was a big surprise for me to see this buzzling outdoor market right here at Orange Square.
Of course I wandered around excitedly to discover all of the goodies available. I learnt that this is an Organic market with fresh produce from English farms. The organic farmers from the countryside bring their produce here for sale to the city folk. The market is only open on Saturdays from 9 am till 1 pm. This stall offered different sizes and colours of tomatoes.
There were Organic greens available for the local shoppers.
Whenever I am in London, I eat healthy with all of their organic juices and produce easily available in restaurants, cafes and Grocery stores. My breakfast in London usually includes drinking an organic Apple juice usually served in a bottle just like in the above photo. I don't like Orange juice. Here in Toronto, I usually drink Cranberry juice which is grown abundantly in Bala, Ontario.
Believe me, the Apple Juice in London was delicious and looked differently than here in Toronto. The one in London tasted more like actual apple fruit with the same texture and creme yellowish colour. Unlike here in Canada, Organic juices and produce are hard to find and usually expensive. Our apple juice here is more golden colour, very refined and have a quite bitter taste. 
All beautifully bottled English Organic Apple Juice and Organic Pear Juice for sale.
Here are a variety of Organic English cheeses with some samples for Patrons to try tasting for their cheese selections.
 Even the lovely sun is shining on these J. Gould cheeses.
I loved this one in front which is the J. Gould mild cheddar cheese. So creamy delicious.
 How do you like your cheese? 
Then after my exploration in the outdoor market and since I do not have a kitchen in London, time to stop at Daylesford for some breakfast. The ground floor is a shop where they sell all of their organically grown produce which comes from their farm in Gloucestershire. The second floor is the restaurant. They also have a renowned Cooking school at their farm. Even dogs have their own free parking here.
The Eggs Benedict were made from all organically grown ingredients from the Daylesford Farm. My orange coloured juice was freshly made with carrots, apple and ginger. We sat by the tables overlooking Pimlico Road.
The sun is shining in London on this lovely spring Saturday morning.

To discover the premiere Interior Designers and Antique Dealers shops around Pimlico Road,
visit the Belgian Pearls Blog: Short Trip to London.

Get out and explore. May you all have a sunny weekend!

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  2. I used to live in Pimlico for a few months but I never knew about this market. I love organic food!


  3. I love discovering organic markets like these, think I could spend hours there just browsing around and getting inspired to make something out of all the fresh ingredients. Great pictures!

  4. Hi Pamela! I also enjoy to visit outdoor markets! This one looks very interesting, I like organic products and I'm trying to eat them more possible recently. Also Daylesford Farm must be a great place, your breakfast looks very delicious!:) Have a nice weekend, big kisses! xo

  5. What a wonderful market! I don't know why English food gets such a bad rap because they do organic almost better than anybody else!

  6. This is such a fabulous market! I only eat organic veggies!

  7. That farmers market looks fabulous! There is so much for sale and it looks good too.

    Happy week Pamela!

    Madelief x

  8. Looks like a really lovely place to find yummy food :)

  9. Pam, Loved this. I am going to London in 2 weeks and hopefully will be there on the day of the market. I am absolutely going to Daylesford when I am there thanks to all your posts about it! I also noticed the great juices the last time I was there. One I especially liked was grapefruit-raspberry juice which I have never seen here and loved!

    Fun post! Have a good week!


  10. i love organic markets !!!

  11. Amazing place! I love such markets!

  12. Looks so delicious! Can't wait to swing by next time I'm in London, I adore organic farmer's markets!

    xo Mary Jo

  13. Pamela, they carry some really awesome stuff. We have a farmer's market here, but it's not all organic. I'm going to research and see if we have any here. You are so lucky! Everything looks good and fresh.

  14. As you know I love markets, and that one is so cool :) Gorgeous post!

  15. amazing markets

  16. I enjoyed wandering around this lovely area a couple of months ago but I didn't see the market. I walked past Daylesford but I had already eaten otherwise I would have had lunch there - maybe next time. Great photos of the produce.

  17. I love a good farmers market Pamela. One of my favourites is the Marylebone Sunday market. The mushroom man makes the most delicious mushroom sandwiches, I can pick up my sunday bread and veggies for the week, Madmame Gaultier supplies my French sunday dinners and if I fancy a breakfast I go to Le Fromagerie for egg and soldiers, yum!


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