One Fine Spring Day

View of Hyde Park from inside Kensington Palace.

On a sunny day with clear blue skies in London last Spring,  we ventured towards my favourite Hyde Park to visit the newly renovated Kensington Palace, the birthplace of Queen Victoria and former home to the late Princess Diana and Princess Margaret. The Palace is still home to some other members of the Royal Family with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge about to move in this coming July.  It was a one fine day to stroll around Hyde Park, visit the palace, its colourful gardens and also have lunch at the Orangery Restaurant  near the Palace gardens. Visiting London in the Spring was truly magical.
Kensington Palace was purchased in 1689 by King William III (the statue above). King William III and his Queen Mary preferred to live at Kensington Palace instead at their official residence at Whitehall Palace near the Thames River. The King and Queen asked renowned English Architect Christopher Wren, who also built St. Paul's Cathedral, to renovate and expand the Palace. On 24 May 1819, Princess Victoria was born at Kensington Palace. Inside, we saw the Queen's rooms including the room where she was born.
Across Canada is our long weekend celebrating Queen Victoria Day. It is celebrated on the third Monday of May before May 24th in honour of the Queen. It is also considered the Sovereign's Official Birthday in Canada.
Another famous former resident at Kensington Palace was Princess Diana. On the left was a photo by Mario Testino for Vanity Fair Magazine. In the Palace, there was a display of Princess Diana's gowns and this wallpaper depicting  Princess Diana's life from her Engagement, her wedding, being a young mother  and her modern Princess life.
The late Princess Margaret, photographed by her former husband Lord Snowdon, was a former resident at Kensington Palace. The new residents will be the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, photo by Mario Testino, coincidentally will be occupying the late Princess Margaret's apartments in the Palace. Hopefully,  the Duke and Duchess will move in July together with their newborn baby.
The view from inside the Palace.
I'm fascinated by these lanterns topped with crowns.

The two photos above were not filtered photos.
These were original photos I photographed from inside the Palace.
The Kensington Palace Gardens in the Spring time.
A perfect harmony of different Spring flowers and colours.
That's me and my Aunt who lives in London. We had a delicious lunch inside the Orangery which was built by Queen Anne during the 18th Century in the Kensington Palace Gardens. It is a restaurant now offering delicious British food for lunch and their famous Afternoon Tea. We were lucky that there was no line up. After we were seated, there were many people that arrived which caused a long line up outside this beautiful building. After our visit there and a stroll in Hyde Park, my Aunt took me shopping at Regent Street to show me her favourite store, Ted Baker.
They say no Sovereign was more loved 
than I am. 
- Queen Victoria.

Canada will celebrate Queen Victoria Day with fireworks across the nation.

May you all have a lovely Spring Weekend!

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  1. Springtime in London, I love it! What a wonderful way to spend the day with your Aunt Pamela. I'd like to get my step ladders and unscrew those crown toppers. They'd look lovely on my gate posts! :))

  2. Pamela, you make me want to travel!:) Im in awe in front of Kensington Palace, is so amazing! The gardens look so wonderful, I'd love to be there and enjoy the nature around:) You and your aunt are very lovely dear! Happy weekend! xo

  3. My dear Pamela, thank you for taking me back to London, one of my favorite cities, today. I can't wait to walk in your footsteps for a few days when I visit a girlfriend in July. Loved all your photos, and the details about Kensington Gardens. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  4. What a lovely post! I am hoping to visit London one day, I am afraid of how many photos I would take in a week's time! Love the wallpaper tribute to Diana, she was one classy lady. Thank you for such a eye catching treat! Have a great weekend!


  5. Some lovely view and images of Kensington Palace, and I am ashamed to say that I have never been inside as yet.

  6. I read last year that it was undergoing renovation. Pamela you took some amazing pictures of Kensington Palace. I always see pictures of the outside, but never the inside or gardens. So this was absolutely fabulous. They also host exhibits there. I didnt know there was an eatery. Fabulous! You and your aunt are so cute! Thanks for sharing this.

  7. I would love to visit Kensington Palace! Possibly on my next London trip.


  8. These are the prettiest pictures. Can't you just imagine living there and walking up to this view every day. Sigh....

  9. This all looks amazing! I wish I could be there, unfortunately I'm home doing school work right now:(! I can't wait to have some free days and take good advantage of the sun!


  10. Its always interesting to visit historical sites like this, your photos are fantastic, crystal clear and perfectly depict the Palace!

  11. very beautiful photos..I miss London!

  12. Pam, Loved this. I had been to the Orangery for tea, but not inside the palace. Fun to get a glimpse of where the Duke and Duchess will be. I just love Hyde Park too.

    Have a good weekend!

  13. Its great you could visit, when I was there it was being reformed and they had some kind of...ghost tour...
    Don't forget to check my anniversary giveaway!

  14. Dear Pamela, thanks for one more interesting trip! Very beautiful pictures and interesting tale!

  15. Thanks for your sharing your style insight with me! May your week get off to a great start.

  16. Lovely photos!!! I have never made it to Kensington Palace...your post makes me want to go!

  17. Just catching up on your posts after a few days away. I enjoyed your little tour and I've heard good things about the Orangery Restaurant - I think we should try it next time we are in Londond. The Mario Testino photo is one of my favourites of Princess Diana too.

  18. Although I have been in London a few times, I have never visited Kensington palace before, but after the amazing pics is like I was there, great place. Specially loved Diana's pic by Mario Testino it really is beautiful.
    I'm sure you had an amazing time with your aunt Pam.


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