Chanel Cruise 2013

Have you visited the Chanel Boutiques lately? The Chanel Boutique inside Holt Renfrew Department Store here on Bloor St, Toronto presented the Chanel Cruise 2013 Collection on the mannequins set on the same French Royal Blue and Gold striped tents that were used in the Cruise Fashion show at the Royal Gardens of the Palais de Versailles, France. The collection was inspired by the Royal Court of Queen Marie Antoinette adapted to modern times by Chanel so effectively. The mannequins were dressed up in the stunning hues of pastel coloured clothes from the Cruise Collection together with the irresistible Chanel accessories from the belts, the jewelleries, the shoes and most of all, the Bags! The window displays are a feast on the eyes. It made me smile when I saw them. It was so beautiful and full of class. I hope it will inspire you during these Winter days. 
Watch here the Video Chanel Cruise 2013.

May you all have a fantastic week ahead!

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  1. I wish I was in TO to see it personally! How amazing it is!!! In love with the pink dress and the blue jacket! Have a great day Pamela! Kisses! xo

  2. Subject: [The Style and Travel Journals] New comment on Chanel Cruise 2013.

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    Amazing post! :)

    1. Sorry Helena, I deleted your comment by mistake. Thank you for your comment.

  3. The pastel coloured clothes are so pretty - just what we need after a harsh winter and lots of warm layers. I'm really looking forward to spring and summer and lighter fabrics.

  4. So pretty. I am just NUTS about Chanel!

  5. Such a beautiful collection!
    Have a nice day!

  6. I wish there were a Chanel boutique closer to me - I am pretty much obsessed with it all! Such perfect colors for Spring :)

  7. very beautiful and fun window displays. thanks for sharing this!

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  8. That looks amazing! Great blog btw ;)
    enjoy ^^

    * *

  9. Oh how very chic! Très chic indeed! Those are lovely photos, thank you for sharing them with us.

  10. Una colección muy bonita. Me gusta el colorido.

  11. The Chanel here in San Francisco has limited window space. I love these inspirations though-

  12. These are such great photos - love the colors!

  13. I wish I win the lottery soon so I can get some of this fabulous items, that navy jacket is really cute.
    We don't have a Chanel shop in Valencia so I can't even go window shopping.
    Have a great weekend!


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