Let It Snow Christmas!

One of the things that got me excited in November was the unveiling of the Holt Renfrew Christmas Windows. For this year, Holts chose the theme of Let It Snow. Being nostalgic,  having fun and of course, being Holt Renfrew, glamorous in the Snow.  As we discovered in the windows, they presented here outdoor  fun activities in the Snow like ice skating, sleigh rides, making a snow man, catching your first snow flakes and even Ice fishing all dressed up in luxurious fashion and accessories. Of course, this being Canada, tis' the season of Snow! Definitely, Let It Snow here at Holt Renfrew!
Catching snow flakes in style.

Horseback riding in the Snow.
Fabulous Ice Fishing.

Glamorous Ice Skating.
Magnificently Red in the snow.

Bright Coats and Bags.

Live Entertainment and some Food around the store.
Mary Macleod's Canadian Shortbread cookies.

 Charbonnel et Walker English truffles and chocolates .

Choices of French Tea from Mariage Freres.
Even Dogs are on the Gift list.
For this Christmas Season, Holt Renfrew collaborated exclusively with Margherita Missoni for a charitable fundraising by selling these Missoni Bear and Elephant for the benefit of Margherita's Charity, Orphan Aid Africa. They are so adorable to give to young fashionistas in our lives.

Before you go, here is the Video of Behind the Scenes of the Holt Renfrew Holiday Windows.

It's already December! Christmas is coming soon!

May you all have a Happy Weekend!

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  1. the windows are gorgeous!! (as they are every year)
    I need to pop by one of these days to check out their holiday food products..& I LOVE the Missoni elephant! so cute

    1. Yes, Tiffany, the Missoni elephants are so cute. Go before it gets sold out!

  2. What beautiful windows!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Hi Pamela! Oh my, the HR windows are awesome this year! Im just craving for being there!!^^ Fantastic photos dear! Happy weekend and December!! xoxo

  4. The stores are so fun this time of year! And I miss snow so much. I would actually even pay for snowflakes!

  5. Beautiful store windows! Those are up there with Bergdorf Goodman in NYC! Thanks for posting these.

  6. Be still my beating heart. Pamela, you know I love a great window display and these are just fabulous. The entertainment inside looks pretty good too!

  7. OMG I love christmas time, the windows are incredible especially here in New York!

  8. Ahhh, so festive and fun! Canadians know how to make snow glamorous. I'd love to get in there and shop.
    I live vicariously through you Pam!

    Have a fun weekend!

  9. ahhhhhh, thanks for showing me this PAM!!!! I miss this so much :))))).....I am glad I have you so I won't be missing out Christmas for sure..ahaha. Show me more of the Christmas thingie later:P


  10. great post!

  11. The store windows are beautifully dressed - it must take them lots of planning for weeks beforehand to get it all looking just right.

  12. Love Christmas shopping windows. Thanks for sharing these lovely inspirational photos! Have a lovely week!

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  13. Love the window decorations!
    Thanks for sharing :D

  14. Hi, Pamela ~
    Fabulous window displays!! Stylish wintery wonderlands. Love the Missoni animals :)

  15. I also love to check shop's showcases before Xmas! Today I couldn't take my eyes from Zara's! They've done amazing decoration!
    Welcome to International glasses giveaway

  16. The windows look amazing! I love Chritmas time! :)

  17. What fabulous images - just love the first image with the snowman!


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