Shopping Fun At The Farm

Our neighbours down the South, the Americans, are celebrating their Thanksgiving Holiday today. They must be very busy now travelling, making last minute preparations and shopping for their Thanksgiving Dinner tonight. Here in Canada, we celebrate our Thanksgiving during the second weekend of October. For the Americans, it is on the third Thursday of November. Thanksgiving Dinner here in North America is always a big feast with lots of advance preparations and discussions among family and friends.  We have all experienced the discussions on where to spend Thanksgiving Dinner, what will be the Menu, the drinks, the dessert, will it be apple pie or pumpkin pie? It could all take a whole week of talking about it and preparations for that final Thanksgiving Dinner. But it is all for fun and one of those times to visit family and friends. 

Here is my post on one of the best Farm markets here in Toronto. It is Whittamore's Farm, north of Toronto. Some stylish shoppers come to this Farm wearing their Hunter Wellies and cape jacket to buy some fresh farm produce. As you will see in the pictures below, it is a Farm for shopping and some fun especially for the children. I am thankful that we still have Farms like this near the City to purchase their farm produce and freshly baked pies.
The Farm is open from Spring to Fall, May to late October this year. It is closed during the Winter season.
 Fall inspired Entrance with colourful mums, pumpkins and dried corn stalks.

Colourful mums. The Fuchsia ones are so lovely this year.

Squash and mini pumpkins for your picking. Perfect for a squash soup.

Some colourful gourds.

Pick your own Pumpkins.

The Farm has corn fields, a huge playground for the children to play complete with Tree houses and slides and some farm animals like cows and goats. The farm also have strawberry, raspberry and blueberry fields plus their variety of vegatable fields. They have a Strawberry Picking days here during the month of June. 

Freshly Baked Pumpkin Tarts. 
The Farm also have their own Bakery where they make all of their freshly baked fruit pies. 

Abundance of Ontario's McIntosh Apples.

In the Fridge are the freshly made salad vinaigrettes made from fresh berries that comes from the Farm. The freshly made salad vinaigrettes from the Farm taste much better than the commercial ones from the Grocery store. 

Here's some Apple Candies for everybody!

Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans! 
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  1. Hi Pamela! Yep, I know Canadian Thanksgiving is on October, at the first I thought it was in the same day:) We havent this holiday, but love to see on web all the pics about it:) btw, very cute market, I didnt visit it and if happens to come back in TO I should do!!:) kisses dear and have a good day! xo

  2. Adorable pictures, especially I like one with vegetables!
    Have a nice day!

  3. Pamela now I would love to be on Canada or the States just to try those delicious food,I love anything with Pumpkin.
    Amazing pictures.

    1. Miss Laia, I guess pumpkin dishes are not common there in Spain. My family in turn, loves Spanish Food!

  4. Cool I would love to go. I remember apple picking in early September.

  5. Ok...this looks like so much fun!!! I want those pumpkin pies and the apples ^^

    p.s. Don't forget to check my Maison Martin Margiela with H&M GIVEAWAY ^^

  6. I just love these country stores. Mmmmm...I can smell those crisp apples =)

  7. Yum. yum Pamela...those apple candies look delicious, I'm liking the screen here! I'd love to visit that kind of markets...and of course I'd love to visit Toronto some day...By the way I love your answers in your previous posts sweetie, and your nominees too...I leave a comment there too...Yep! I know...I'm late in my answers too!!!
    A big, big hug sweetie!

  8. gorgeous post and just love all the colors of fall and the pumpkin pie! those mums are fabulous!
    hope you have a GREAT weekend!!

  9. I have a new addiction to pumpkin pie these days!! those tarts look so good
    I've never visited this farm before..I would love to though! I love Fall market shopping :)

  10. I've never seen so many pumpkins all together like that Pamela. The fields where they grow them must look incredible.


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