Enchanting Gourdon

Gourdon is another of those enchanting villages perches in the Provence area that is worth visiting. The drive to reach this hilltop village was already enchanting in itself as we passed by town after town in this Provencal region.  We passed by beautiful Provencal country homes and a view of their gardens. Then we drove along winding roads with the view of the small towns below to reach the summit of  a rocky cliff which is called Gourdon. As we reached the village, we were greeted by centuries old stone Provencal houses with their private gardens set with the backdrop of the mountains known as the Loup valley. Then we saw the privately owned Chateau de Gourdon, built in the 12th Century, which welcome visitors to view their private two Museums and garden. Strolling around the village that morning lead us to discover more stone houses, their shops selling locally produced Provencal products mostly dedicated to lavender products, perfume and local art. Then at the back of the village,offered a glorious view of the Loup valley.  We felt we were on top of the World. 

View of the Loup Valley.

View of the winding road leading to Gourdon.

Privately owned Chateau de Gourdon with two Museums opened to the public.

Inside Gourdon. 
Private Homes in Gourdon.

A cafe.

An alley full of shops and cafes. 

A hotel with a view of the Loup Valley.
A private Provencal house with garden and backdrop of the Mountains.
A surprise waterfall along the road leading to Gourdon. We were enchanted by the natural beauty of Gourdon high up in the Loup Valley.

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  1. Hi Pamela! I'd love to visit this village now, is a very lovely place and what a nature! you took beautiful pics! Just seen you use the G+ account so have added you in my circle:) Kisses and happy thursday dear! xoxo

  2. AMAZING post Pamela:) I didnt know this place....and Im SOOO in love in France after my trip to Nice....I want to go back NOWW haha:)

    have a great day dear and come back vist me soon:)

    LOVE M

  3. Pamela- What a lovely village. I have never visited Gourdon but need to after seeing your lovely post and breathtaking photos. Oh, how much I miss France. I hope you are having a lovely time.

  4. What an absolutely charming place - will definitely have to organise another trip to France and will make a note of this! The views from this hotel must be breathtaking.

  5. Pam,
    What a charming town and area! I'd love to get there one day. I love seeing all your travels!
    Happy weekend!

  6. What lovely photos! That view of the Loup Valley is very impressive.

  7. Ah, Pamela...I can't hep it but think about romance when looking this village in Provence...I'm a hopeless romantic! And that hotel...breathtaking!
    My apologies for being a bit absent ... work, work, work ... ugh!
    I'd love to know what you think about my new post ...
    A big hug!


  8. wow such a quaint little town. Very beautiful - it looks so empty though!

    1. We wandered around the village first thing in the morning. It was so nice and quiet,.


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