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Blake members: Stephen Bowman, Jules Knight, Humphrey Berney and Olie Baines.

I have always wanted to write a post about Blake, the British Pop/Classical quartet but never had a chance before because of many events and some travelling on my part which I had been sharing here on my blog.  They are not yet known here in Canada  but they are popular in the UK and also in parts of Asia. Blake just returned from a concert tour from the Philippines and also from China. They were featured  in the Philippine Tatler June 2012 Special Issue about everything British.

The band Blake is a Classical/Pop vocal quartet that formed in the UK in around 2007. The group was originally formed by Jules Knight and Olie Baines. Both Jules and Olie have known each other since they were choir boys in the Winchester Cathedral Choir. All four men decided to call their band as Blake after their mutual admiration of the poet, William Blake. They obtained formal Classical Music and Voice training from prestigious schools in England. Jules was also the classmate of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Art History at St. Andrew's University in Scotland.  Olie and Stephen both received Classical Music Training from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama while Humphrey received his Classical Music training from the Royal Academy of Music in London. They have performed some Classical songs like Bring Him Home and their version of Moon River. Blake's first album, Blake, won the Album of the Year in Classical Brit Awards in 2008. Blake also performed Pop songs like the song All of Me, a song written by Simon May in celebration of the Royal Wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton in April 2011 and their new album coming out, Start Over.  

Besides their handsome good looks, these guys are really talented and devoted to their music. Watch here their Promotion Video to promote their new album, Start Over, which will be released on November 5th. 

Watch this video of the Photo shoot with Philippine Tatler and Blake.

I hope you enjoyed listening to Blake's music and watching their videos.

Photo credits: Philippine Tatler Magazine, June 2012.
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  1. The first time I heard them was when I was watching the London Olympics ceremony. They have a wonderful voice and are very talented. I enjoyed the videos you posted ... thank you for sharing.

  2. I just randomly saw them on tv one day and I was transfixed. Plus they're so cute!

  3. I have never heard of them, shame on me (( They are very talented!

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  4. I have never heard of them either but would love to look into it!! Great post darling :)

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  5. U like classical music? You know I used to play piano....but I am not a big fan..ahahaha:)..but classical /pop together ? I need to ck it out..oR, u are just interested of their cute faces..ahahaha:) j/k:)....And, thanks so much for your blessing dear:) u:) and I hope to see u one day too:)

    1. Hi Tammy, I learned classical piano too. I loved it. Although now, I rarely play the piano. I truly enjoy listening to their music. It is different from what we hear on the radio these days plus of course their good looks and clean image. Thanks for checking them out.

  6. Hawt hawt guys :)

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, wanna follow each other to keep in touch? Let me know :D


  7. How strange that I have never heard of them--they are quite the good looking group and beautiful voices too! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    xo Mary Jo

  8. Never heard of them! They are very handsome :)


  9. Pam,
    They are adorable and I like their music too! Hope we hear more of them here soon.
    Thanks for this fun post.

    Have a good weekend!


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