Harrods Diamond Jubilee Treats


Fiona Cairns Jubilee cakes at Harrods Food Hall.

The Diamond Jubilee last weekend had numerous street parties all around the United Kingdom. One of the main street parties was at Piccadilly in London attended by both Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. Here at Harrods Food Hall are some of the treats especially made for the Jubilee Celebration. These  cakes, cupcakes, gingerbread cookies baked by Fiona Cairns especially for the The Queen's Jubilee celebration. Fiona Cairns also prepared the Wedding Cake of Prince William and Catherine Middleton for their wedding last year. The United Kingdom had a great and fun Diamond Jubilee celebration, not only pomp and pageantry but also lots of delicious English food, scones with cream and jams, sweet treats, some champagne and of course the English tea to keep warm in the rain. Here are my photographs at Harrods Food Hall which is only a small part of the many sections in this world renowned British Department Store.  I hope you are still celebrating the Diamond Jubilee!

Fiona Cairns Vanilla Sponge Cake decorated with frosted icing of the Union Jack flag and the crown.

For the street party, some frosted icing cupcakes designed with Union Jack  or flowers in red,white and blue, cookies and gingerbreads.

Delicious cupcakes in festive colours...yummy!

Which desserts to choose? 
In spirit of the Diamond Jubilee,  I will try the Mille feuille with red, white and blue icing top or the cakes with the strawberry on top.

Some donuts...
Some donuts with the Union Jack on top.
Some donuts with melted chocolate on top.
Some donuts that are sugar coated.
So tempting...

Some donuts, pastries, fresh croissants and some cookies..all for the Street party to celebrate the Queen's glorious 60 years of reign.

Harrods jams in different flavours for the scones and Harrods offering of different flavours of tea.

Come to Harrods Tea Room to celebrate with all of these treats.

As The Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebration ends today, June 5th, celebrate with a sweet treat and afternoon tea.

I wish you all a great week ahead!

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  1. Pam , Really enjoying catching up on all your posts! Love all the Jubilee celebration. Wish I was there! Harrods is amazing!

    Kim :)

    1. Hi Kim, I enjoy visiting Harrods every time I'm in London. Especially the Harrods Food Hall is one of a kind in the world! Thank you for stopping by and for our kind comments.


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