A Royal One Year: William and Catherine

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Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

Today, 29th April is the First Wedding Anniversary of Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Did you watch their Royal Wedding last year at Westminster Abbey, London?  Most people waited excitedly for their Royal Wedding especially to see the couple come out together from Westminster Abbey. There was also speculation and excitement about the Bride's Wedding Dress. Good thing, Catherine did not disappoint as her Wedding Dress was designed by British Designer Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. I was also impressed that Catherine even did her own make-up on her wedding day!  Honestly, I don't know any bride who will do that! But she did! She even used Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Another thing I liked about their wedding was that, I read that they used Jo Malone Perfumery Spray which made the whole Westminster Abbey smell  so fragrant.

When I was in London last week, I came across  the Stylist Magazine which had the cover of Catherine with the article: Are You A Believer? How Kate created a new wave of optimism.  The article explained how Great Britain was known as the land of  sceptics due to the current Recession plus the Royal Family  had a low popularity and felt to be outdated. But suddenly with the Royal Wedding last year of Prince William to Catherine, a new wave of optimism came out and the newly wed Royal Couple has brought back positive image to the Royal Family in  Britain and the World.

Here are the top 3 reasons on why We all want to believe in Kate:

1. It is very obvious that Prince William and Catherine both married for love. They are each other's best friends and truly enjoy each other's company. They both support and love one another.

2. According to the article, Catherine's  endearing nature to the people is that she is from "Middle Class" which some British TV  Commentators last week said on TV and that she makes people feel she is one of them. Even her choices of fashion presently are from High Street instead of Haute Couture.  The article explained very well: 'In Kate we recognise qualities such as loyalty and discretion, that we desire in our own friendships and relationships.'

3.  So far for her first year as a Royal, she has been performing very well.  I agree with the article that 'Kate has the same quiet reserve, tact and ability to hide her feelings as the Queen, which is useful in the public eye.'  The article also emphasized that 'there is also something comforting about a public figure- and a royal who shows no signs of skeletons in her closet.'  Unlike some celebrities now who are so overexposed with their own reality shows and scandals.

A Happy Wedding Anniversary to William and Catherine!

Prince William is such a gentleman holding the umbrella for his wife, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Catherine is wearing a dress by British designer, Matthew Williamson.

Photo Credits and References: Stylist Magazine and Hello Magazine UK.
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  1. Great post. Love Kate and she does seem like such a nice person. Her style is so wonderful for someone her age.

    Looks like a fun magazine too!



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