Postcards from Mulberry


Here are some postcards given to me by  Mulberry  London at Harrods during my visit there last week. Mulberry is now one of my favourite fashion brands.  I love their leather shoulder bags especially in the Spring pastel colours. I purchased their Oversized Alexa bag which I used all over London and for my travel back to Toronto. It is spacious, functional as the two side straps actually has a hidden snaps and fulfilled my new mantra of discreet luxury. These postcards presented the Mulberry Spring/Summer 2012 print campaign. So beautifully styled and photographed in pastel coloured clothes, shoes, bags with ice cream and pastel coloured candies  in Brighton Pier, England.

Travel Day bags.

Postcard holder designed like an ice cream wafer cone.

Alexa Bags.

Bayswater bags.

Cookie Bayswater Bags.

Mulberry Postcards.

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  1. Pamela,

    I have been dreaming of a Mulberry bag ever since I first noticed them! I can't decide which I like better the Alexa with animal print or the Bayswater in yellow.

    What a nice souvenir of your trip to get one! I bought a bag on my last two trips and each time I use them I remember what a fun time I had.



    1. Hi Kim, I love the Mulberry brand. I like both the Alexa and the Bayswater bag. This time I chose the Alexa bag. Maybe next time I will save up for the Bayswater. Yes it is a great souvenir. Those bags are a functional and fun souvenir.


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