Pilgrimage Church of the Madonna di Tirano,Italy

Basilica of Madonna Di Tirano.

During this week of Holy Week for Catholics, I would like to share the Pilgrimage Basilica of the Madonna Di Tirano. My family and I visited this town by chance on our way to ride the Bernina Pass Train which starts in the town of Tirano. The town of Tirano is located in Northern Italy in the region of Lombardy.  We didn't know that the Church in town was actually a Pilgrimage Basilica. The shrine is dedicated to the appearance of the Blessed Mother to Mario Degli Omodei on September 29, 1504, an event religious pilgrims credit with ending a pestilence. In honour of the Blessed Mother Mary's appearance, they built a Renaissance Basilica in the 1500s. One of the joys of travel is always discovering new places unexpectedly. This town was  one of the places that we enjoyed discovering unexpectedly.

Town of Tirano.

Piazza of the Basilica with the backdrop of the snow covered Alps.

Madonna Di Tirano Shrine beautiful designed with golden and marble angels.

Madonna Di Tirano Shrine where pilgrims come to visit Mother Mary to offer their prayers - both petitions and thanks.

The baroque organ and Pulpit in the Basilica. The whole Basilica was designed in the Renaissance style from the 1500s. Very intricate carvings in the walls, ceilings and the dome.

The Renaissance design  of the ceiling and dome.

The Main Altar.

The Main Altar up close. So beautiful decorated. Behind is the Golden statue of St. Michael the Archangel.

The Town of Tirano is the start of the Train Ride on the Bernina Pass.

A house in the town of Tirano, Italy with the backdrop of the Alps.

May you all have a peaceful and blessed Holy Week!

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