Julianne Moore's Garden

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Here is one of my favourite actress Julianne Moore at home in her own garden in Greenwich Village, NYC. This garden was  designed by Brian Sawyer, an architectural and interior designer, who also designs gardens. When Julianne, was in a pictorial in one of the townhouses in New York, she liked the garden so much which was also designed by Brian Sawyer. So Julianne tapped Brian to design her garden according to her design inspiration from Belgian Garden designer Jacques Wirtz. But there was a challenge in designing gardens for New York townhouses: 'Townhouse gardens are a total nightmare,' says Sawyer, joining his client to reminisce about the two-month project. 'There are always drainage problems as well as huge planting limitations because of the lack of light.'

Luckily, Brian spent a rainy vacation in Northern Ireland where he discovered some plants that are able to grow with minimal sunlight and in highly moisturized environment. So Brian incorporated those plants in Julianne's garden which resulted in this beautiful, orderly and green oasis right in New York City.

'Sawyer added a carefully edited selection of low-maintenance plants and trees in lush layers around the stonework. 'Green, green, green,' he says. 'It’s about ivy—Boston ivy and English ivy—and staghorn ferns and moss. And boxwood.'   Plus a basketball court for her children to play on.

Lush and green plants all over with beautifully landscaped bluestone floor.

The rear of the 1905 New York Townhouse that Julianne Moore calls home with her husband, two children and a Labrador.

A very private nook in the garden for having drinks and great conversations surrounded by the nature.

The article in Architectural Digest described this as  'Another rough-hewn trough from Original Stone Troughs was adapted as a fountain, which now gurgles within earshot of Moore’s home office.'

As we can see from Julianne Moore's garden, adding some elements like a fountain with free flowing water and stones add some character to the garden. Julianne's garden is beautiful, lush and so green right in New York City. It is definitely low-maintenance but at the same time respecting nature. It is a private oasis for her to enjoy and relax on with her family and their Labrador dog.

Photo credits and References: Architectural Digest, April 2012.
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