Romance And Rock N' Roll

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One of the best French Fashion Houses - Nina Ricci and Balmain are presented here in their respective contrasting Spring/Summer 2012 collections. Nina Ricci, represents the feminine, romantic, ladylike and elegant dressing while Balmain represents the ever strong, androgynous and Rock N' Roll style of dressing for women. Both collections can be worn during the day and and also at night. Both collections are versatile and also opposites. Which style are you? Are you both Romantic and Rock N'Roll chic? Romantic during the day and then Rock N'Roll chic during the night? 


Nina Ricci's Designer, Peter Copping.

NINA RICCI  Accessories.

Very Feminine shoes and bag in lace.

Laser cut floral design on the shoes. Matching Pink Bag.

Jewelled clutch. Perfect for an evening date!


Balmain's 26 yr old Designer-Olivier Rousteing.

BALMAIN Accessories.

Balmain Funky cuffs in metallic colours with matching belts.

Suede Leather Boots.

These boots are made for walking! So cool!!!

More Balmain embellished boots!

Both French Fashion Houses presented collections that were well designed and well made.  At Nina Ricci, they presented and used more intricate lace materials,laser cut floral designs in their shoes, bags and fabric of the clothes. Nina Ricci had a softer collection, also using floral, lace and chiffon on the clothes.  As for Balmain, we see more embroidery that is more funky, metallic and very precise. Apparently, the inspiration for Balmain was Las Vegas Rock N'Roll and Spanish matadors. No wonder the pants were cut similarly to the Spanish Matador pants. But Olivier designed it in a very precise,  classy and sexy manner. 

Which one do I prefer? It depends on my mood! Some days, I prefer to just wear a dress, could be made in lace or a floral dress with a high heel pumps or sandals.   Some days, I feel more androgynous by wearing jeans with my boots and carrying  my favourite Balenciaga Motorcycle bag. Both Nina Ricci and Balmain are opposites but similarly beautiful and stylish!

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