Canada Blooms Part II: Vandermeer Nursery

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My mother and I had so much fun here at Vandermeer Nursery during our visit to Canada Blooms in the Direct Energy Centre. My mother went shopping here at Vandermeer Nurseries and bought some wreaths and some dahlia flower bulbs. We always receive their Calendar every year as they are very popular in the Durham region. On display here are their beautiful creation of flower arrangements, my favourite hydrangeas in purple and fuchsia and in the spirit of Easter, some Easter bunnies made with artificial moss, white ceramic or gray plaster. They also had floral wreaths in pink, yellow or lilac. They had decorative butterflies or different birds and insects in different colours that you can hang in the tree branches. This is one place we will definitely have fun visiting in the Spring and Summer for the plants, flowers and other garden decorative products. Let's go shopping at Vandermeer Nursery at Canada Blooms...

A wall of  different variety of flowers and plants.

Butterfly decors for the garden. Hydrangeas in different colours - fuchsia and purple.

My favourite Hydrangeas! What is your favourite flower?

Rabbits made of artificial moss and lavander wreaths made with real tree branches.

Birds and rabbits made from artificial moss. Wreaths made from real tree branches decorated with pink flowers.

Bear flower stands.

Creative House pot and the surrounding garden. So creative!

So colourful decorations for tree branches.

Decorative insects and flowers to hang in trees! These will sparkle like jewels when hanging up in tree branches.

Woodpecker up close!

Ceramic rabbits with daisies  and  a pink wooden bird house for the garden.

Look who is here?  Selling pots and rabbit!

More rabbits made with artificial moss and more variety of flowers for sale.

More pots and other garden decorations.

Garden gloves and a rabbit for the garden.

Lovey rabbits in Vandermeer Nursery.

Spring is definitely here. Time to prepare the garden for all of the blooms that will grow. Besides, planting the bulbs and organizing your garden, I suggest to add  some decorative elements like animal decors, bird houses, some lamps and colourful hangers for tree branches to your garden. All of these beautiful decorative  things plus your plants and flowers will give your garden its own character and lots of company too!  The important thing is to have fun and to give your garden lots of love for it to grow healthy, happy and beautiful!

Vandermeer Nursery is located at 588 Lakeridge Road South, Ajax, Ontario, Canada. Their Nursery offers different variety of plants, flowers and decorative products for different seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.  I will definitely visit their store this spring for more garden inspiration and to purchase some more flowers! For more information:

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