American Girl Dolls - A Revelation!

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One of my dearest girlfriends Jonna, introduced me and our friend Phaedra to American Girl during a recent vacation in New York City. Jonna bought one of these dolls for her daughter in Virginia where they reside. But  in New York City, we kept looking for their flagship store which turned out to be just on Fifth Avenue beside Saks Fifth Avenue Department Store and across from Rockefeller Center. It is a huge store with at least four floors. It was like heaven for the young girls coming in with their parents to discover the wonderful world of American Girl.

American Girl is a brand of dolls that was  was created by Pleasant Rowland in 1986 under her own Pleasant Company. Her company eventually became a subsidiary of Mattel.  My friends and I were fascinated by these dolls because the Girls can actually Create their own dolls  matching their own features. The girls can choose the hair colour, the hair cut and style, the skin colour, choose their own outfits, own shoes, own accessories, even choose a doll playing their favourite sport or hanging out with their favourite pet. We couldn't believe that the dolls themselves have their own Beauty Parlour upstairs! The Beauty Parlour has complete hairstylists, barber chairs and its own accessories. As you can see in the photos below, their own owners were watching closely making sure that their beloved American Girl dolls were carefully pampered! This whole experience of visiting the American Girl store in NYC was a revelation indeed especially for me because we do not have this store in Canada yet! I can't believe that the young girls would come to the store on a Sunday morning just to have their dolls combed, styled and pampered! There is even one photo I posted here where a young lady attended a Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week with her mom together with her American Girl doll.

Come and discover the World of American Girl!

American Girl Dolls with Dogs

American Girl in her 1st Communion Outfit.

American Girl Accessories and Pets.

American Girl Doll Hair Salon.

Young lady attending  a New York Fashion Show with her mom and American Girl McKenna doll.

My  friend Jonna and I in the lobby of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in NYC after some shopping at American Girl.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures in the store! I was so fascinated in the store that I couldn't stop taking the pictures. But one thing I learnt about these dolls is that it encouraged the girls to achieve! Not to be afraid to get involve in their favourite sport, to get a pet dog or cat or ride horses. As the Motto for the American Girl is  Follow Your Inner Star.   As you know, for a young girl, that will be a great encouragement in their growing up years!

For more information and on-line shopping, luckily, the Company ships to Canada:

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