Tory Burch Store at Madison Ave NYC

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One of the American Women that I admire is Tory Burch. She is the American Designer and owner of her own brand, under her own name, Tory Burch. My girlfriends and I made sure to visit her boutique at 797 Madison Avenue, New York, NY. I love her style and her brand. I have seen her own home in New York City in various magazines like Vogue and Philippine Tatler. When I entered her Boutique at Madison Avenue, it was like her own home!

Tory Burch store felt like being in a New York Town house. It was decorated like her own house.  All of the clothes and accessories were wonderfully displayed in the store. I love the beautiful orange walls with the white and violet prints on the furniture. So chic!

That's me feeling comfortable in Tory's abode.  The combination of the sisal rug, the white sofa, white and purple prints on the sofas and the table, all together with the orange walls are so stylish! Very Tory! If you notice in my previous blog about Tory's home, she used the same shade of Orange that was painted in her library for her store.
All of Tory's US Boutiques were designed by New York City based Filipino Interior Designer, Daniel Romualdez.  Daniel explained: 'that all stores have decidedly residential feel. I want people to think that they have stepped into Tory's world when they visit one of her stores.'

Tory Burch clothing collection for sale.

Tory Burch Accessories. I love these beautiful belts! I wish I purchased one.

At the Entrance of the Tory Burch Store is the display of her bags. For Spring, lots of Coral and Gold, White and Blue and Tan, beige colour. In the entrance foyer, I noticed the beautiful  and huge chandelier, the blue and white ceramic with the white orchids. Then the hallway beyond has a beautiful floral wall paper  with the rug as if we  entered  a stylish town house in New York!  Truly a residential feel to Tory's store.

The products up close!

The Coral and Gold bags together with the Beige and Brown bags.

Tory Burch window  display. I love how she incorporates Interior Design like the Blue and White wall display here into her Fashion Design and presentation.  She has a classy style! She knows who she is as a person and she presents it very well into her products and also presentation. In this case, both her love of colour, Fashion and Interior Design.

Orange Tory Burch Doors. The Entrance to her fabulous store! Just by the entrance you know that you are entering a Fabulous and stylish world!

The Tory Burch Store.

The girls went shopping at Tory Burch!  My friend Phaedra bought the Red bag and matching shoes. I bought the Blue bag and matching Tory flat shoes. The bag comes with a shoulder strap that we can attach to the bag so we can carry it across the body. Tory products are very well designed and also priced reasonably well.

I truly admire Tory Burch. She is not only an entrepreneur but also very stylish and talented lady. She stays true to herself by designing the clothes, shoes, bags and accessories that she loves. She shows  her love of Fashion and Interior Design all together in her designs and in her stores. Don't forget to drop by the Tory Burch stores when in New York City! 

Watch Video: Tory Burch's Love Letter to New York


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